Singtel Brings ‘GENIE’, a Portable 5G Platform

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GENIE is the latest technology launched by Singtel, a Singapore-based telecommunications company. It is the world’s first and only device that can provide companies with a portable 5G platform and help them create an independent 5G network at any location it is deployed at. This device will allow companies to conduct 5G trials and experience 5G’s capabilities before deciding to invest huge sums of money into getting their own dedicated or private 5G network.

GENIE, a Portable 5G Platform That Can Fit in a Suitcase

GENIE comes with a 5G network control kit and a standing mount with a 5G radio antenna. The most striking feature of this device is that it can fit a suitcase-sized container. It is a hassle-free device since it doesn’t require any prior installation of other equipment to work. All it requires is an electrical outlet and can be installed within an hour.

Dennis Wong, vice president of Singtel, said, even though many companies know that the 5G technology will be useful for them, they don’t actually know how its applications will help them operator their business better. By using GENIE on their premises, the companies can quickly validate their applications with their partners or verify the performance of their use cases without any major cost.

He also mentioned GENIE would predominantly be useful for the large enterprises that need to test 5G before they decide to invest in their dedicated network. “Seeing what 5G can do in their premises will help more enterprises adopt 5G and speed up their digital transformation,” he added.

Explaining further, Won said Customers could host and deploy applications while connecting their devices to GENIE’s high speed and low latency network, removing the reliance on an external network like the internet. Consequently, this will prevent leakage of sensitive information, enhance data security and help solution developers and device manufacturers to validate prototypes in their customers’ premises.

GENIE can work with Singtel’s 5G Multi-access Edge Compute (MEC) infrastructure for enabling testing of ultra-low latency applications indoors on a 5G network. The 5G network of GENIE can support most of the industry 4.0 applications. It is truly an innovative product from Singtel and the latest addition to its 5G ecosystem that stands to benefit the industry as a whole.

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