Seventh Take On Indian Telecom Industry – “A SIMPLE TALK”

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Seventh Take On Indian Telecom Industry – “A SIMPLE TALK”Taking the stride ahead this is first article in 2010 in accordance with last series “Telecom Talk’s take on INDIAN TELECOM INDUSTRY”. Thou the articles Indian Telecom Sector To Be Most Vibrant In 2010 & The Year of the Telecom Industry: 2009 from TT DESK very well depicted the markets current scenarios and the future forecasting’s and covered each and every aspect of Telecom industry as a whole so let’s keep this article as a simple “TALK” with our esteemed readers of “TELECOM TALK”

Now the news on the Rocks is the green flag given by Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) to Bharti AirTel for buying stake in Warid Telecom Bangladesh, cheers to  AirTel, after the discontent caused by the MTN deal failure last year the starting of 2010 seems good for Indian Telecom Giant. Warid Telecom is having around 2.79 million subscribers base in Bangladesh (according to recent stats) so the deal sets a stage for AirTel to expand its footsteps in the International market once again.

Coming back to the developments in Indian Telecom front again “3G & BWA” spectrum auctioning are having new dates for auction and all, like this has happened many times before too so nothing new in it also I guess now readers might frown while reading about 3G ....3G....3G and its auction in India So let’s move to “Other side” of the much awaited “3G” looking in future some years  ahead from now  when 3G service is fully launched and operational in India(this can take a decade too.....hmm jokes apart), Now visualizing that 3G is fully operational in India and every 3rd person is handy a 3G-compatilble handset and is using its features like high speed data download, Video calling, Internet gaming bla..bla ...bla.

Now let’s look at OTHER ASPECTS of 3G’s Video calling service, Taking an example of say an ideal Indian 12th class teen guy who generally hangs out with friends by saying that he is going for tuitions/extra-classes to his parents Now what if he’s out with friends to lake side  and his Dad make a video call to him asking “Where are you son ...can I have a view of your tuition class???” OR what about the video call done by a Wife to her husband who generally says that he’s going for a business trip for 2 days. With 3G video call facility can an Ideal sales person say a lie to his boss that he’s closing a sales deal to one of its clients while he’s not...many more examples can be given in above notation ...

Did any one of you thought before that 3G can lead to such amenities too???(Wao 3G Enabling a common man to speak truth) But guys working in Telecom/ IT sector & every corporate domain with late working hours cheer up guys coz with the implementation of 3G, Your parents and known’s will definitely believe you that you people got real long working hours in Office ...... !!!

Ok Jokes apart, 2009 was the year of Great Tariff war, not only the common man was shaken by Low Tariff’s given by operators and an ideal customer switched for lowest calling rates available but now it is PMO(Prime Minister’s Office) who came under the spell of Tariff war and is looking to change its existing operator i.e. AirTel to some other offering lower Tariff’s to them a statement from PMO says that “Keeping in view the recent drastic change in the telecom tariff, it has been decided to explore the option of best available Plan in offer according to the needs of PMO” and they have asked for “50 GSM connections with ISD facility, 25 Blackberry connections, the numbers to be in special series, roaming including international on some of the numbers “  and Telecom Operators are said to provide them with details of offerings by 15 JAN.

My suggestions on above are guys please wait for MNP(mobile number portability), that will definitely happen soon don’t worry, and would resolve your problem too (of getting cheaper call rates from other operator)  it won’t look nice like the whole PM office is changing cell numbers just for Low Tariff what about the excuse that we will be giving whole world that Indian PMO – changed their cell numbers just for Low Tariffs!!!So guys please wait for MNP I know it was to launch in September 2009 but still it will definitely take place this delaying in launch n all “toh chalta rehta hai.........” just cheers guys ....Wish you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 Enjoy and stay connected with ...... and you can continue to “TALK” with us in the comments below.....We are waiting for your responses.


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