Serbia Broadband Announces Completion of Giga Serbia Project

SBB announced that the digitization of all SBB users had been completed. In addition, SBB presented its largest project to date - GIGA Serbia, which is considered the recent large undertaking in the year which marks its 20 years of business.


  • SBB is building a 10 GIGA optical network.
  • Since 2017, SBB has created 36 GIGA cities to date. First GIGA city was Novi Sad.
  • SBB holds the Ookla award for the fastest internet services provider in Serbia.

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Serbia Broadband Announces Completion of Giga Serbia Project

Serbia Broadband (SBB) completed the digitization of all SBB users and presented its largest project to the customers. 'GIGA Serbia' is the largest project in the year's recent series of large undertakings. This year also marks the 20th year of the company.

Digitization of SBB Network

Digitization of the SBB network worth 300 million euros was started in 2017, which has completed 36 GIGA cities to date. As a result, SBB expects its users to have access to the officially fastest internet network in Serbia, up to 1 Gbps, greater service stability, enjoyment of the most popular TV platform in Southeast Europe - EON, and a digital image and sound quality.


Tomislav Petrovic, Director of the engineering Directorate (CTO), said, "I can proudly say that we have completed our most important project, the Giga Serbia project. As a result, Giga speeds are available across our entire network from today. Thanks to this project, we are the holders of the prestigious Ookla award for the fastest internet service provider in our country, and we are not stopping there, we have launched a 10 GIGA optical network into production, with which we have once again pushed the boundaries with the clear goal of providing our users with the best."

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"We started digitization in 2017, our first GIGA city was Novi Sad, then Belgrade and the last 36th was Vrnjacka Banja, which means half a million Set Top Boxes installed. In addition to turning off the analog TV signal and improving the TV experience, every year we increased the Internet speeds for users, and this year we increased them by up to 50%", pointed out Vladimir Radovic - Director of the Directorate for Technical Operations and added, "More than 1,000 participated in the project people, and I am proud of the fact that, in addition to improving the network, we have also constantly improved the quality of our services, which is why our users are the most satisfied on the market today."


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Celebrating 20 Years of Business

As part of its 20th-anniversary celebrations, SBB is offering all of its customers 50% faster network speed and launched the EONization project, which gave all SBB users access to the EON experience.

Consumer Loyalty Matters

Special attention was given to 24000 families who have been jubilee users and using the SBB services for 20 years. "We will continue to invest in technology, people, and community!" said the company.

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