Satellite Connectivity Coming to High End Android Phones

Reports of individuals being saved by this function have been coming up since Apple introduced the iPhone 14 series with exclusive satellite emergency messages. A similar option will now be available to Android users as well.


  • Qualcomm has announced that its new processors and modems will come with a feature called Snapdragon Satelllite.
  • The new Satellite feature will be available on devices that have Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC under the hood.
  • Android phone owners will be able to send and receive messages even when there is no cell coverage.

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According to Qualcomm, its new CPUs and modems will have a Snapdragon Satellite feature that would enable users to contact concerned authorities in an emergency, even if there is no network. The Iridium satellite network enables the chip manufacturer to accomplish this. The business has confirmed that there will be other use cases for this feature. It is also more powerful than Apple's Emergency SOS feature.

Android phone owners will be able to send and receive messages even when there is no cell coverage, according to the chip manufacturer. In addition to being helpful in emergencies, the feature will enable SMS texting and other messaging programs. The functionality will allow for "recreation in isolated, rural, and offshore locales," according to Qualcomm. The good news is that Qualcomm is putting it into play more effectively to give Android users a better experience and give Apple tough competition.

When will the new Satellite feature be available?

This new feature will be available on devices with Qualcomm's flagship Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC under the hood. The Snapdragon Satellite function will initially only be available in desperate situations, such as when you are in a remote place without mobile coverage and need to contact someone for help. According to Qualcomm, "premium messaging" will be available later. Based on the information provided by the chip manufacturer. It is important to note that Apple has not yet made this public and only lets you send texts via satellite using its SOS feature.

Cost of the new satellite-based messaging service

This service won't be free, and there will be some charge to use them. The chipmaker states, "The cost of the satellite-based messaging service and dependent services will depend on OEMs and service providers and how they choose to offer the service." Emergency texting could either be free or cost a little, whereas users will have to pay extra for the "premium messaging feature," which will arrive later.

How does this feature work?

The company also explained how the feature works - "Snapdragon Satellite leverages Garmin Response. When you send an SOS, response coordinators immediately see the customer's Latitude/Longitude in their proprietary mapping and response coordination software to determine the appropriate agency to coordinate the rescue."

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