Samsung to launch 10 devices between Rs 9,000-18,000 in Q3 2015

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Samsung’s market share in the mid-range segment is constantly being  eaten into by the likes of Xiaomi, Lenovo and OnePlus. But Samsung is not going to sit around and watch while the competitors nibble away its share. Samsung is planning to strengthen its mid-range in the smartphone segment by launching as many as 10 devices in the Rs 9,000-18,000 price bracket.


All these devices will be launched in third quarter of 2015. The launch of all these new device will mark the largest rollout of unique devices from Samsung as they have been  developed specifically keeping the Indian consumers in mind. A majority of these devices will be under the J series of smartphones. The recently launched Galaxy J5 and Galaxy J7 will be among these 10 devices and will be launched in the country as soon as the July 2015.

Samsung plans on taking advantage of the 4G roll-out in the country and  a vast majority of these budget smartphones will come with 4G LTE support. Smartphones account for 70% of Samsung India’s revenue and these revenues have been taking a hit for a while now. Samsung has been quite sluggish is updating its mid-range and as a result, the competition has not only caught up to it, but has also surged ahead.

The Rs 9,000-18,000 is believed to be the fastest growing segment and will continue to be a strong one in the next two quarters. Let us see if Samsung is able to regain its lost glory.


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