Samsung CEO rubbishes the rumors about Galaxy Note 5 launch and Galaxy S6 sales

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Rumors about the launch of the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6’s dismal market performance have been making rounds since a while now. Many reports even claimed that the company is keen on bringing other devices sooner than expected in order to cover up S6’s market failure and also to compete with the iPhone 6s.

To put a stop on all that, Samsung’s CEO, Shin Jong-kyun, rubbished all such reports. He claimed that the Galaxy S6 is here to stay and will be acting as one strong support for Samsung. Shin also revealed that the Galaxy S6 is a success in market and its sales have recently crossed the 10 million units mark.

Samsung Note Shin dismissed all the rumors surrounding Galaxy Note 5 launch in July. He also denied the rumors about Samsung unleashing the Note 5 prototype to its partners, in order to give them a heads-up before the actual launch. With Shin’s denial, it seems like the Galaxy Note 5 will be following the same path of September launch just like its predecessors.

To sum it all, Samsung seems pretty happy with the Galaxy S6 performance, so we don’t really expect the company to change its path, definitely not this year. There were many other reports too that suggested Samsung bringing out one more curved screen (other than S6 or Note 5) smartphone this year. All of it looks like Samsung’s preventive measures to be able to combat Apple’s forthcoming announcements. It would be interesting to see how things turn out after Apple makes its first move.

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