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review-Nokia-1280No, I’m not promoting a Nokia Device or forcing anybody to buy this master piece but just can’t let you know after few weeks of usage of what it is after all a low end B/W device.

Yes, I need a secondary phone and sorry I don’t want to use a dual sim phone – if this is the same case with you? Then this is a mobile for you.

I bought this handset a few weeks back without any actual intention in buying this as I’m determined to get a Nokia 1202 for the second time even. As it is discontinued some time back it’s hard to get one and I’m pleased to get this new N1280.

Frankly speaking after having hands on experience with the new device I felt heavenly and secured some peace of mind. I showed off my new device proudly on my way back home all the way

What it is for you?

1. If you are already a Smartphone user or heavy traveler and need a secondary B/W device with good battery backup and a pleasant feeling this is the one you can try.

2. If you are not at all into these phones stuff and what you need is Strong communication with ability to use day/night time irrespective of display this is a device for you.

2. You get 4 days of Battery backup with heavy texting and moderate voice calls.

3. You get an inbuilt Torch and Stereo FM Radio.

4. If you are a hardcore sms user – you need to get this for sure. What not you can even schedule sms for future which is a basic feature in this device can’t find in high end devices without any apps.

5. And last but not least you get Nokia Robust Hardware packed with some of its essence which gives you peace of mind.


Noticeable things which you can find in this device:

1. Keypad Design is changed (Alphanumeric dust resistant tactile Keys) which gives touch light feeling compared to previous Designs (Single unit piece buttons). (Previously I used to be afraid of the tik tik sounds coming from the keypad as this might disturb any fellow mates during nights but now this soft buttons are doing their work for me.

2. Those messages in the sent items are marked with a tick as an indication and ensuring you of receipt of delivery report so that you don’t need to open the message and check for delivery report info.(Software Version 06.70)

3. The physical design of the body is very smooth giving it an elegant and rich look to hold in hands.

4. The Radio automatically stops permanently after sometime if you remove the 3.5mm headset while it starts automatically if you insert the headset within a pre-specified time with the mode (Headset/Speaker) it is played previously.

5. Adds long character support for Profile names so that we can show up on the device’s home screen compared with previous B/W devices.

Key Features

• 2G Network Support

• 1.4-inch Screen

• Alphanumeric Keypad- T9 predictive support (Hindi/English in my device)

• Stereo FM Radio

• Flashlight

• Speaking Alarm Clock

• Panchangam

• Games: Bounce,Cricket Cup and Snake Xenzia

Basic Stuff:

This handset is powered by a standard 800mAh battery and the phonebook can store up to 500 contacts, giving you enough space to store all important contacts.
You can enjoy Music with built-in Stereo FM Radio. To listen to radio, you need a compatible 3.5mm headset which doesn’t come inside the box. The phone also comes with 32 preloaded polyphonic ringtones. The phone has a flashlight that you can turn on by double-clicking on up key. The 1280 mobile supports SMS, speed dialing and picture messaging. Regular features include call tracker, calendar, speaking alarm clock, 4 way Navigator buttons and reminder. Loudspeaker is pretty decent for such a device and it works well for Radio too.

And to be funny apart from the Review, Nokia Priority sales man saw me holding a high end device and asked “For whom is this device? I answered it’s for me without any delay. He laughed and I added I need something to hit on the ground, use in rain or under sunlight and play when I feel bored and also for some Solid communication he kept silent, after all that’s the reason I got this great piece.

Nokia India Online store is selling this Mobile at a price of Rs. 989.00 Only and from local resellers bargain rates may come into play.

If anyone wonders why such a review for a B/W device?

My answer is yes, it deserved. There are many people who love and use simple B/W devices and there are still users who find difficulty in using a Rich feature set device especially old aged. Let me and others know your experiences with this device via comments if you are already using one, planning to gift someone or already gifted and what’s their feedback?

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