BIF Says Satcom Industry Reforms will Help in Reducing Costs

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The reforms brought by the DoT (Department of Telecommunications) for the satcom (satellite communications) sector is going to help in reducing costs for the companies, said Broadband India Forum (BIF) on Monday. The satcom sector is at the cusp of growth, and it would benefit the industry if the cost of doing business is reduced.

Details on the Price Reduction

The Network Operations Control Center (NOCC) charges and the removal of MPVT (mandatory performance verification testing) charges, according to BIF, would save the satellite live stream and interaction industry an estimated Rs 120 crore annually. Members of the forum include Meta, Cisco, and satellite heavyweights OneWeb and Hughes.

BIF stated that all the steps taken by the DoT to simplify processes and procedures and disclaim or reduce fees or charges for authorisations or licences, which are a part of the liberal and simplified framework, are likely to increase the availability of satellite communications in unserved and underserved areas of the nation and are welcome steps on the path to achieving Broadband for All.

Rather than the previous multi-stage approach, which took 6–8 months to complete, the DoT suggested a single-stage examination process by WPC & NOCC. It takes only six weeks now to complete the process. As per BIF, this would result in quicker rollouts, increased efficiency, and ease of doing business.


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