Reliance Jio to improve quality of digital lives of Indians: RJio Spokesperson

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While more and more Indians find their way into the digital life, the right technology can truly accelerate this pace and Reliance Jio is gearing up to bring advanced technologies to India, where the digital scene is marred by the incomplete coverage of network and low data speeds.


During an interview on a news channel recently, a Jio spokesperson shared insights on Jio and what the company is working at, even as its testing phase is in full swing with about 500,000 users hooked on Jio’s services. Jio is bringing in the 4G-LTE network infrastructure which will ensure ‘True 4G’ experience for its users all across the country, delivering last mile connectivity through its broadband service.

Explaining the technology further, the spokesperson said 4G-LTE is the fourth generation end-to-end all-IP heterogynous network, different from the 2G/3G legacy networks. When accessed on a VoLTE-equipped devices, 4G-LTE will bring to the user HD-quality voice and video calls, multi-party audio and video conferencing, much faster downloads, switch ‘n’ walk, seamless switching between voice and video networks, and much more. Jio will be the first to offer VoWi-Fi – Voice over Wi-Fi – which means a user can make a voice call directly through Wi-Fi connections, rather than through various applications.

It will bring high-speed internet (HSI) into the hands of the people in an accessible, affordable manner, thus enabling a large number of people to leapfrog from 2G directly to 4G.

Reliance Jio is putting together the entire landscape for this shift, starting with LYF range of VoLTE-equipped smartphone devices. Users will be able to access Jio services also by using VoLTE devices by any other manufacturer as well. With Jio Join app, a user's 2G/3G smartphone can work like a VoLTE-equipped device. Apart from this, there is the Mi-Fi device, high-speed internet dongle.

However, that’s just the beginning, Jio is gradually introducing a complete ecosystem that includes a host of applications and services to enhance digital lives, some of which have met with significant success. Jio Chat, the instant messaging app that has millions of subscribers across seven countries, and Jio Money, which will function as m-wallet or mobile wallet, already in use by RIL group employees, partners, and vendors are some of the examples.

Jio is also bringing in the FTTx, which stands for Fiber to the x, wherein x could be home, office, car etc., a technology that will ensure last mile connectivity of high-speed broadband internet, which will lead to Indians having smart homes, smart offices, and smart vehicles.

With the Indian smartphone market gradually shifting to VoLTE phones and with the rising internet penetration, Jio with its bouquet of services can further accelerate digital lives of Indians.

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