Reliance Jio Introduces 70% Buyback Offer on the Samsung Galaxy S9+

After an array of Apple products, Reliance Jio has brought the much-awaited Samsung Galaxy S9+ to its & Reliance Digital retail stores and introduced 70% buyback offer as well. Reliance Jio is already offering Rs 6,000 cashback on the Galaxy S9+, but this buyback offer from the company makes the deal even better. To avail the 70% buyback offer, consumers need to have a Jio connection and do a cumulative recharge of minimum Rs 2500 within 12 months from any of the available Jio plans. Consumers can also opt for an exclusive Jio offer on the Galaxy S9, S9+ wherein users on Jio get an exclusive offer of 1TB of 4G data along with unlimited voice & SMS for one year worth Rs 15,000 at only Rs 4,999. Additionally, the users are entitled to complimentary JioPrime Membership as a part of this plan offer.


Do make a note that customers need to purchase the Galaxy S9+ 256GB variant at its original price of Rs 72,900. The phone, for now, is available only in Midnight colour option. Samsung might introduce other colour variants of the device later. Also, do make a note that this 70% cashback will be available only for the 256GB storage option.

Speaking about the offer, a customer should purchase the device from Reliance Digital or Reliance DX Mini/Jio Store or on or after March 16, 2018, and activated on the Jio network on or before June 15, 2018, by the eligible subscriber.

Furthermore, Jio will be charging an enrollment fee of Rs 500. Also, there’s a buyback redemption period this time around from March 16, 2018, till June 15, 2019. After the successful payment of the enrollment fee during the purchase and upon performing recharge, a voucher will be credited at the end of 12 months from the date of purchase of the device in your MyJio app, which should be used to redeem the buyback offer.

And to avail the buyback offer, users should visit any of the Reliance Digital stores along with the voucher received in the MyJio app carrying original invoice, product box and all the accessories supplied at the time of purchase of the device. Also, this offer is applicable to both and new Jio customers, and to successfully redeem the offer; users have to stay on the Jio network for the entire period.

Chakri is a go-to guy for your next smartphone recommendation. Back in his engineering days, he used to play with smartphones by installing custom ROMs and that passion got him into the tech industry. He still goes nuts about a smartphone knocking his door for review. Currently managing everything at Telecom Talk, Chakri is trying to master PUBG Mobile in his free time.

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Kevin Blore

Jio needs to create a wave again by allowing customers to carry forward daily unused data balance to at least three months.
For example, They can introduce a plan for 699 with 1.5 GB daily fup for three months validity with option to carry daily data balance.

Airtel User

Though its good option but it will choke the network to the next level as in Jio all are data users and in AVOID all are not data users.

Priyansh Singh


Kevin blore

Yea somewhat true, since it is highly priced many will not opt for this it will not choke network.

Not everyone is going to carry forward data only few busy with daily schedule will opt this choice.

But it will help many users without loosing their data or money.

Girish Gowda | BengaLuru

Exactly. The average is anyway over 9GB per customer on Jio. It’s a win-win incentive for them to increase revenue without meddling with the other daily plans or choking the network.

Airtel User

How did you arrived at this 9GB ? I use Jio and i consume more then 25GB.

Girish Gowda | BengaLuru

They should bring in bulk 10GB/month plans at around 200-250rs as the next step. Rollover of data will create way too much pressure on their system.

Airtel User

No, GG data should be at 28GB/30GB plans. Price can be at even 500rs but service should be top notch just like a flagship phone.

Kiran Fernandes | Goa

The only reason why Jio made these plans is so that the balance isnt forwarded to the next day. Otherwise they would have given bulk data monthly. There will be a time in the future when Jio gets ample capacity, and bulk data won’t choke down the network as more people will be using wired broadband or their public WiFi service, so the load on the 4g networks will be reduced.

Ruchit Shah (Gujarat)

If it is 1.5 gb daily limit then how will it help if the balance is carried forward?? Means if you use 1 gb out of 1.5 and next day you will have 2 gb total but if 1.5 is daily limit then how is it useful??



Kevin blore

There are many users they will not use not even 1 GB data daily except Saturday or Sunday. If u add 1.5 gb for 5 days it will be 7.5 gb in a week.

Think again what I have wrote here..Lol


Guys how is Jio speed and coverage all over India now? Are they improved? Share your feedback state wise..all are curious to know this.

I suggest TT to start a survey or article on this soon…

Airtel User

Also mention handset name and if it supports CA, this will be good.

Jyotirmoy Manna, Kolkata-Howrah

Lyf F1 & Lyf F1s though battery fro JIO handsets are horrible.


Getting assurances of a new site from Jio for the last 1.5 years ! Nothing till date but F extensions ! The latest extension, conveyed a few days ago, is for 180 days, up from the previous ‘standard’ of 60 / 90 days !!! Nothing but F delay tactics & escapism !!!

Pathetic speeds throughout the day ! Worthy of a 3G tag at best !

Priyansh Singh

Like This?



yeah 😀

F Pathetic !

Girish Gowda | BengaLuru

Pathetic to stay and complain. Well said.

Girish Gowda | BengaLuru

You are saying this for a year now. If it was me, I’d have jumped to any other operator who gave me better service a long time back.


i am from TN circle .
compare all other oprerator Jio better
normal time 10 to 35 Mbps , peak hours 5 to 13 mbps
and jio only real HD voice

Priyansh Singh

Pathetic at my Place..though Good at other Parts of the State (Uttarakhand) excluding Hills where there is No/Less Coverage.

Kiran Fernandes | Goa

Oh you stay in Uttarakhand? damn boi, I went to Rishikesh in April 2015 and it was really chilly, 16 degrees in the morning. I was trying to accept the cold tho. The Ganges was chilly too. Had a great time river rafting there. I wish I could go again, and also visit Manali, McLeodGanj, Kasol, Nanital, etc

Kevin Blore

In Bangalore Jio improved but good speed only on 2300 band, people near to tower around 200 meter radius will get good speed 8 to 10 Mbps day time 20 Mbps night after 12am. Their signals are too weak inside buildings not sure why they are not thinking to strength signals from bts.

But their network so pathetic any crowded areas like railway stations and bus terminals and airports…

Airtel User

Kevin which handset you use, does it support CA because CA is active on Jio.

Kevin blore

I am using Redmi 4a , i don’t think it will support CA. Can you suggest me a CA handset from Redmi? Thanks

Jyotirmoy Manna, Kolkata-Howrah

I chatted 2 times with their experts. They have no CA phones in India. Even there CC exec. who was on line, don’t know what is CA. I use 2 Xiaomi handsets.

Kevin blore

Thanks for the update

Pritam Das

Awesome in Assam. 30 Mbps most places. But 10 Mbps in my own village but that’s my luck’s fault not Jio’s 😛

Girish Gowda | BengaLuru

The biggest improvement is in bengaLuru. A year back there was no coverage and speeds were horrendous in 75% of the places in the city. Now coverage has improved tremendously covering almost the whole city and data speeds are also acceptable at half the places.

Girish Gowda | BengaLuru

As far as state is concerned, Jio is unmatched in terms of data speeds and vast coverage in Karnataka. Airtel comes as the next best in terms of 2G coverage all over the state and they are nowhere near to Jio’s coverage.

Kirit Patel (Ahmedabad)

Jio is awesome in Gujarat, excellent coverage even in remote area, Jio is already overtake Airtel in customer base, Jio wil overtake idea in customer base in April, Gujarat is Jio’s one of the strong circle, i have seen most of people using Jio in Gujarat, avoid is for only incoming call purpose, only speed issue in some of urban area in day time, once Jio add rcom band5 spectrum, speed issue will resolve mostly


Off time peak speeds are pretty much useless . What matters is speeds in prime time slots. In prime time (6 PM to 10PM ) Jio network is almost non usable wether it is in delhi or in bihar(many district towns and state capital where i visited) or in my village. My guess it is happening becuase Jio doesn’t possess the spectrum to carry that many data users and every body is joining it because of ultra cheap tariffs. Call quality is top notch even in roaming in prime or off time although there are parts where network is not… Read more »


3 ca phones work superb in highly congested sites. My experience in vapi on jio – the site is very congested in peak hours & data at times is unusable . Even google doesn’t open on my samsung j7 ,but my cousin’s iphone 10 works super smooth with data speeds between 3 to 8 mbps at the same time & location. In rural areas , jio is clocking over 80 mbps on iphone x , where as my phone does not cross 25 mbps at the same location. Even voice coverage is far deeper & gets connected immediately in minimal… Read more »


In Atul colony and Pardi there is hardly coverage of Jio!!!!!


Jio sanctioned two new sites in your area on nh 8 in last week – one opposite vallabh darshan school & second site opposite atul factory. Both are on – ( jio own) towers full height ground base . Just complain to them . They are rolling out many new sites. Source – my friend is working at jio towers warehouse in navsari (gujarat). They have got a very aggressive schedule for new site roll out till diwali this year. One more point – jio has stationed many mobile truck sites at its warehouse. The tower is fixed on the… Read more »


Good to know about this, I feel,if possible they can use more powerful antennas in all the towers.

but not sure about radiation and that may one of reason they use low powered antennas..

Airtel User

Kunal you just gave example of my statement “Good Chipset, Good Experience, Better Speeds.”
2CA minimum and 3CA-6CA is the future.

Kevin blore

Wow good information, but why there are not many CA enabled phone from Jio?

Airtel User

Wrong question Kevin, CA is enabled from Jio. Its companies like oppo, xiaomi, vivo etc which dont enable it on there chipsets as it costs extra and chaomi users are noobs they believe what is on the paper ! RN5Pro specs page says 4G+, WTF is this ?

Jyotirmoy Manna, Kolkata-Howrah

Please name 3CA/2CA android below 20K, which is tested to have CA.

Parimal solanki

Indoor coverage is null in village bhutsar ronvel valsad Dharampur road


In Kerala Jio is par with Airtel and vodafone but bsnl and idea is still dominating in the coverage wise. Bsnl is top position in coverage and if Jio can share all bsnl tower, then Jio will dominate in Kerala.

But speed wise Jio is top next to idea and bsnl.

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