Reliance Jio is Offering Up to 84GB Data With 28 Days Validity Plans

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Reliance Jio has captured a significant market share in the telecom industry. In the span of a few years, the company has outgrown most of the major telecom companies of India. It is now considered as one of the most valuable companies in India. Jio has been able to keep its customers happy with the cheap plans it offers. Connectivity issues are there with Jio networks, but they get resolved as well. It has a variety of prepaid and postpaid plans that you can choose from. You can purchase prepaid plans for a whole year as well as just for 24 days as well. There is a lot of flexibility Reliance Jio offers with its plans. In addition to this, if you run out of your data limit for a day, you can also purchase extra data from Jio vouchers. There are three excellent plans offered by Reliance Jio with a validity of 28 days. Let’s take a look.

Reliance Jio Rs 349 Prepaid Plan for 28 Days

If you need to work with excessive data limits, then this is the perfect plan for you. When you purchase the Reliance Jio Rs 349 plan for 28 days, you get 3GB high-speed data every day. After exhausting the data, your internet speed will reduce to 64 Kbps for the rest of the day. With this plan, you also get 1000 minutes of calling a non-Jio SIM card without any additional cost. You get a complimentary subscription to all the Jio Apps as well. With this, you get 100 SMS’s per day. There is an unlimited voice calling facility available on all the Jio-to-Jio calls.

Reliance Jio Rs 249 Prepaid Plan for 28 Days

Now, everyone doesn’t need 3GB data every day. For some people, 2GB per day is enough. If you are one of those people, this is the perfect 28-day prepaid plan for you. After purchasing the Reliance Jio Rs 249 prepaid plan for 28 days, you will get 1000 minutes of calling a non-Jio SIM card without paying anything extra. Again, you get a 2GB daily internet after exhausting which will come down to 64 Kbps for the rest of the day. You get a complimentary subscription to all the Jio Apps when you purchase the plan. With that, there is a limit of 100 SMS per day. You get unlimited voice calling facility as well when calling a Jio number.

Reliance Jio Rs 199 Prepaid Plan for 28 Days

Reliance Jio does look after everyone. If you want a cheaper plan for 28 days, then the Rs 199 prepaid is the best for you. What will you get with the Reliance Jio Rs 199 prepaid plan for 28 days? You get a daily 1.5GB high-speed internet after exhausting which will come down to 64 Kbps. Here as well, you get 1000 minutes of calling non-Jio SIM cards. You can send up to 100 SMS per day. With subscribing for the plan, you also get an automatic subscription for all the Jio Apps. Like every other Jio plan, Jio-to-Jio calls are free and come with unlimited calling facility.

You can also top-up with IUC vouchers on these plans in case you exhaust your 1000 minutes o any of the plans mentioned above. One good thing about all of these plans is that they don’t spike up with GST when you reach the payment gateway. All of the prices that you see above are inclusive of GST and you don’t have to pay anything extra to Reliance Jio. There's also a Rs 129 Jio prepaid plan which does not ship with any daily data benefit, but comes with 28 days validity.

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