Realme’s Rs 7000 5G Handset Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

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Earlier this month, at Realme's 5G Global Summit, the company had revealed the plans for the company wherein it was mentioned that Realme could launch a 5G smartphone in the country under $100 or Rs 7,420. Realme however did not reveal which countries or markets would get the product.

Today, however, Realme India and Realme Europe CEO Madhav Sheth revealed that the brand would be launching a Realme 5G smartphone in the market for just Rs 7,000, with the company further revealing its sales goals for the upcoming Diwali season that usually sees increased sales for the holidays.

In an interview with India Today Tech, Sheth has revealed that Realme will be launching the budget 5G smartphone in India, priced at $100 or approximately Rs 7,000.

When it is launched, the Realme 5G smartphone will become the most affordable smartphone in the market. But, you might be wondering as to when the device would be launched.

To answer that, well, he did not openly announce an exact launch date for the Realme 5G smartphone but he did mention that the company is aiming to make this happen as soon as possible.

What Did Madhav Sheth Have to Add

Mr Sheth added that the upcoming Rs 7,000 Realme 5G handset could be impacted by the supply chain issues, adding that Realme was working closely with supply chain partners, especially chipset makers so as to ensure that Realme devices are equipped with the latest 5G processors, complete with the decent build quality and the most affordable price.

As per the CEO, Realme is aiming to become a 5G leader in the country as well as global markets and, to ensure this, it has recently shifted approximately 90% of its R&D resources when it comes to the development of 5G devices.

As mentioned earlier, he also talked about the plans for Diwali, revealing that Realme aims to sell at least 60 lakh smartphone units in India during Diwali, which is set to take place on November 4th.

According to him, the preparation for the Diwali season has started and has the confidence to best meet the demand of the Diwali season in terms of stock.

He further added that the company would be launching its products under the new 1+5+T strategy, which stands for selling five smartphones for one product from a specific category that will consist of smartwatches, laptops, wireless headphones, TVs and smart speakers, as well as one product from the TechLife category, be it sockets or light bulbs.

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