Rcom now migrating Netconnect dongle subscribers to superior 4G network

As we have been constantly been reporting, Rcom is hard at work upgrading its CDMA subscribers across phase 1 circles to its new upcoming 4G network in partnership with elder brother’s Reliance Jio. Few days back the operator had begun upgrading FWP subscribers to the new GSM based fixed wireless phones, now the process has been extended to EvDO based data cards as well.


Rcom subscribers who possess Netconnect or Netconnect plus dongles also including Reliance 3, Pro 3 and Rev.B Wi-Pod dongle users can now head right over to the netconnect official website and find the ‘Upgrade to 4G’ button and click on it to find the upgradation form which they can fill out and submit. The subscriber needs to pick up a blank 4G sim from his nearest Reliance gallery for Rs. 25 to Rs.50 depending on the circle and also varying from store to store.
MIGRATION to 4G LTE Reliance NetConnect
In the upgrade form the subscriber needs to fill in his 10 digit data card number, the 19 digit number printed on the back of the new 4G sim card, his complete name as per the company records, the registered email id and the 10 digit registered mobile number. Upon successful entry of the above mentioned fields the subscriber will be able to generate an SMS based 4 digit OTP code which he then needs to enter as the final detail before submitting the upgrade request. The site then confirms the successful submission of the request and notifies the subscriber that he will be intimated through an SMS when the process has been completed, until which time he can continue using the existing data card.

After the successful submission of the 4G upgrade form the subscriber is directed to the e-store page of reliance communications to place an online order for the LTE based Wi-Pod device which has been launched by Rcom at a promotional discounted price of Rs.2699 but the store page is currently under maintenance and so the ordering will need to wait until the page is back and functioning again. Also note that the same 4G sim cards which are used for upgrading CDMA handsets are to be used for dongle upgrades as well, there is no need for any FRC or resubmission of any documents or photographs for buying the blank sims.

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Kanhu Charan Panda
June 22, 2017 3:56 am 3:56 AM

Whenever I try to login to RCom site, it shows as invalid page. Not able to login

September 7, 2016 5:40 pm 5:40 PM
I feel badly cheated by Reliance. I had 40 GB download limit for my CDMA dongle.When I migrated to 4G Wipod I was not informed that the down load limit will change. Mid way of the month I got disconnected . After many unanswered calls to customer care, when I went to a Reliance store, they informed that my quota for the month is over and that it is only 3GB. And they will straight away disconnect when the quota is over, not even a slow speed after the quota. Is this not cheating the customer giving less than one… Read more »
September 4, 2016 11:06 am 11:06 AM

Reliance is cheating customers!!!!!!!!!!Be careful!!!!!!!! During up-gradation from Pro 3 to 4G, they will tell you that monthly rental plan will not be changed( I got written assurance) but after one month you will be inform to select from costliest data plan. You will not be refunded instrument cost even if you cancel immediately…….Be careful!!!!!!! Reliance is Unreliable……… JIO may also go in same line…………..

September 7, 2016 5:45 pm 5:45 PM

lets not bring jio into every rcom issue !