Quikr Launches its app on Windows Phone Store

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Quikr has launched its app on the Windows Phone Store. The app comes equipped with open source software stack that has been used to build the backend while the front-end of the app has been built using native SDKs.


The salient features of the Quikr app for Windows are:

1. Automatic detection of user’s location to show him ads from his city.

2. Posting Category based adverts –Users can simply click a photograph using their Windows smart phone and post ads for free under categories such as phones, home and lifestyle, cars/bikes in less than a minute.

3. Search to browse simple – User can search for products in various categories. User can further get a more accurate match by using price, brand, and other product specific filters.

4. Buyers and sellers can contact each other using app over phone, email, and messaging. User can also easily share ads over chat and social networks.


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