PUBG Mobile’s Return Will Eat Up FAU-G’s Attention

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PUBG Mobile is all set to make a comeback in India. The game will come with a new name called “Battlegrounds Mobile India” and will be reserved for Indian players only. While this is good news for the fans of the game that have been waiting for its return, it is bad news for the other games in the market that are similar to the nature of PUBG Mobile.

Multiplayer online games such as Call of Duty (COD) Mobile witnessed up to 9x more downloads in the period after PUBG Mobile was banned in India. Other games such as Free Fire also got the advantage of PUBG Mobile’s forced to exit out of the Indian market.

However, all of the games that got the extra attention after the exit of PUBG Mobile are under a serious threat of retaining the same kind of user base once the game makes a comeback in the Indian market.


FAU-G Majorly Disappointed the Fans

Our review of FAU-G was what other users felt to be accurate as well. Indian gamers had a lot of expectations from FAU-G, especially after the ban of PUBG Mobile. However, the game was a sheer disappointment. The graphics were ‘okayish’, and the gameplay was quite boring. Many users never played the game more than once, and many even deleted it after playing for a few minutes.

Even though FAU-G enjoyed the brief period of users’ attention where there was no PUBG Mobile, it couldn’t create a major fan base in India. Now, things are about to change with the comeback of PUBG Mobile in the country as Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Users know what they can expect from the game, and everyone knows the game won’t disappoint them. The developers have even promised that there will be India specific events inside the game which will make it even more interesting to indulge in.

COD Mobile, FAU-G, Free Fire and Many More Games ‘Happy’ Periods is Now Over

There is one thing that might work in favour of COD Mobile and Free Fire, and that is the users’ behaviour pattern. Games are addictive because of the dopamine they release in the body of the gamer. Free Fire and COD Mobile each have their own way of producing dopamine in the gamers’ minds.

If the users have become too used to these games, they might not lose their user base completely to the Battlegrounds Mobile India. But the return of PUBG Mobile is surely going to attract a lot of attention of the users. If the other games want to compete, they will have to bring in something better, and that too fast before the users’ attention is gone.

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