Latest PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode Will Give Bone Chilling Experience to Players

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, also known as PUBG Mobile, has rolled out a new update for its players for a fantastic experience. The latest update rolled out by PUBG is called the Artic Mode in which chicken dinners will help the players to survive in the all-new mode. Players will experience bone chilled storms upon the 4th playable map of PUBG that is Vikendi which is also codenamed as Dihorotok. Arctic Mode which is a part of EvoGround game mode selection will be released in PUBG tomorrow.

What Exactly is Arctic Mode?

Arctic Mode is based on Vikendi's cold and desolate frozen landscape which will provide a chilling and thrilling experience to players to maximise their gaming experience. Players will be able to operate drones in the new update and scout surrounding areas for tactical advantages. The all-new Artic Mode will challenge the players to survive in the cold and harsh temperature. Also, players will have to regulate their body temperature in multiple ways to survive the chilling Arctic storms and win the game. Not only his, teamwork will matter a lot in the Arctic mode as players will have to work together and maintain their body temperatures. In case their temperature will fluctuate and go low, they will incur damage. Apart the maintain the temperature players will also combat enemies and use their tricks to survive from the battleground.

How to Maintain Body Temperature in Arctic Mode?

Maintain a high body temperature is one the key and challenging element in the new PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode. There are multiple ways in which players can maintain their temperatures. The first method is simple. Players can use their lighters and lit an indoor fire. Once the fire is burned, they can add branches to keep the flame alive. Secondly, players can plan an adventure hunting and hunt wild chickens and collect their meats. The meats collected can be further cooked and eaten to regulate body temperature. Lastly, players will get various resources in the new Arctic Mode like heater and health packs. They can use the available resources and regulate their body temperatures.

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