PS5 Available From Today, Are You Buying?

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Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) is arguably the most sought after gaming console in India and around the world. Sony is finally availing the PS5 in India today at the Sony Center website and other online retail portals.

For the first time, the company will also be bringing the PS5 Digital Edition to India that was supposed to launch with the disc edition of the PS5 back on February 2, 2021. You can start ordering the gaming console, which we expect to be limited in stock from 12 PM today. Both the disc edition and the digital edition of the PS5 will go on sale at the same time.

PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition Price

Note that the PS5 Digital Edition is only available on the Sony Center’s website. Other e-commerce portals will only be selling the disc version of the gaming console. PS5 Digital Edition is priced lower at Rs 39,990, while the disc edition is priced at Rs 49,990.

The PS5 disc edition is already available to be pre-ordered from the official e-commerce stores of Amazon and Flipkart.

The DualSense controller, i.e., the remote of the gaming console, can also be purchased for an additional Rs 5,990. Initially, when the PS5 came to the market, there were only 4,000 units of the console made available for pre-orders.

While we expect the numbers to be not as low as these, the gaming console will still come in limited quantity and will go out of stock before anyone can blink an eye. Sony has been a little partial with India when it came to the PS5 availability.

This was because the company saw an increasing demand for the PS4 amidst pandemic. Sony must have felt that till the time PS4 is seeing good demand, there’s no point in releasing the PS5 in wide numbers and taking the attention away from the sales of PS4 in India.

The company said that it isn’t able to deliver a large number of consoles in India due to chip shortages and delay in production. But this has not been the case in other countries where the availability of PS5 hasn’t been an issue for most. Hopefully, Sony keeps on restocking PS5 as fast as possible in India to keep Indian fans satisfied.

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