Proximus Expands 10 Gbps Fiber Internet Across Belgium

Proximus expands its Multigig technology to provide 10 Gbps fiber service in all fiber-covered areas, launching new Flex Fiber packs for enhanced internet speeds and reinforcing its position as a leading internet service provider.


  • Proximus expands Multigig technology, offering 10 Gbps fiber service across Belgium.
  • New Flex Fiber packs provide customers with tailored options for superior internet speeds.
  • Existing fiber customers receive automatic speed upgrades.

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Proximus Launches 10 Gbps Fiber Internet Throughout Belgium

Proximus, the digital services and communications provider in Belgium, has announced the expansion of its Multigig technology with the launch of 10 Gbps fibre service to all areas with fibre coverage. Proximus also launched New Flex Giber Plans and the integration of Multigig technology into the new Flex Fiber packs, starts from July 10, further enhancing the internet experience for customers.

Enabling the Gigabit Network Rollout

Earlier this year, Proximus launched Multigig technology in five major cities. Proximus said it has made the rollout of the best Gigabit network in Belgium a top priority. By 2032, Proximus aims to offer all families a Gigabit connection, and fibre plays a crucial role in achieving this goal.

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Proximus has connected almost 1.4 million homes and businesses as of March, achieving a 23 percent national coverage rate. Currently, the company is working on rolling out fibre in 106 towns and cities throughout the country. In Brussels, over 50 percent of the population has already been covered, according to the statement.

Proximus New Flex Fiber Packs

Proximus says it is set to make its mark on the internet market once again with the introduction of the new Flex Fiber packs tailored to residential customers. Starting from July 10, residential customers can select from three superior internet speeds based on their specific requirements. These packs include:

  • Mega Fiber (standard pack): Designed for home workers and streamers, providing symmetrical speeds of up to 500 Mbps for both downloads and uploads - five times faster than the median internet speed in Belgium.
  • Giga Fiber (additional 15 Euros per month): Ideal for families seeking high speeds, offering up to 2.5 Gbps download and 500 Mbps upload speeds - twenty-five times faster than the median internet speed in Belgium. This pack also includes Wi-Fi boosters for better coverage and unlimited landline calls within Belgium.
  • Ultra Fiber (additional 42 Euros per month): The ultimate internet experience, delivering speeds of up to 8.5 Gbps for downloads and 1 Gbps for uploads - ninety times faster than the median internet speed in Belgium. Customers opting for this pack will also benefit from Wi-Fi boosters for wider coverage and unlimited landline calls within Belgium.

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Enhanced Speeds for Existing Fiber Customers

Proximus says existing Flex Fiber customers will witness an automatic upgrade in their internet speeds. Standard pack users will experience surfing speeds of 500 Mbps for both downloads and uploads, while Gigabit experience subscribers will enjoy speeds of 1 Gbps for downloads and 500 Mbps for uploads, based on their current pack configuration.

According to the official statement, Proximus will individually notify these existing fibre customers about the speed upgrades. Fibre customers not part of a pack will experience no changes to their current internet connection.

Solidifying Internet Service Leadership

By expanding Multigig technology to all fibre-covered areas and introducing tailored Flex Fiber packs, Proximus continues to provide exceptional internet connectivity to consumers across the country.

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