Paytm Launches India’s First Android POS Device for Supporting SMEs

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One of the leading mobile and online payments app of India - Paytm has launched an Android POS device. It is also India’s first Android POS device. POS stands for Point of Sale. POS device is used to collect payments. With cash going out of style, this Android POS device will help the SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) in collecting payments from their customers online. It is a portable device thus the business owner can carry it with him/herself anywhere they wish to. The device will make payments a seamless process for both the customer and the business owner or service provider.

Paytm’s Android POS Device Features

The ‘Paytm All-in-One Portable Android Smart POS” has been launched for a price of Rs 499. The POS device comes with the design of a smartphone. It is much more efficient than all the other Linux based POS systems and devices present in the country.

One feature of Paytm which is being adopted by a ton of restaurants and small businesses throughout India is ‘Scan to Order’. It comes up with a menu or list of items available for sale and the customer can order directly from their smartphones. If it is a pickup delivery, the customer will also be notified when their order is ready to be picked up.

The Android POS device from Paytm weighs 163 grams, is 12mm thick and has a 4.5-inch touch screen. It can run for a whole day and works with a powerful processor. There is also an in-built camera inside through which the device can scan QR codes. The Android POS device supports 4G SIM, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

Paytm has said that they are going to issue 2 million such devices in the next few months. These devices are expected to generate around 20 million transactions per month. The Android POS device is integrated with the ‘Paytm for Business’ app and will be able to generate GST compliant bills. The device will use cloud-based software for billing and more services.

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