Orange to Unveil a New Identity by April

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Orange LogoOn account of the financial success in the year 2014, Switzerland’s third largest telecom company Orange has announced a rebrand to meet the growing competition in the market. Its new identity will be unveiled on 23rd April, 2015.

The company, which had a recent ownership change exhibited a financial success of 1.9 percent when compared to the previous year and has reached a revenue margin of 1.3 billion francs. Its customer base too had a rise of 0.9 percent, reaching to 2,166,000.

Although the reason for the name change is bestowed to its new market scenario, a better reason would be the annual payment of 20 million francs, which the company has pay for the right to use the name Orange.

Compared to the rebranding cost Orange had in the year 2012, estimated at 40 million francs, the current rebranding too is expected to cost a fortune for the company. Orange has launched a dedicated website -- – featuring a video of its CEO, Johan Andsjö talking about the new chapter in Orange’s history.

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