Orange Bissau Confirms Network Modernisation and Expansion

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Orange Bissau

Many countries in the world have already either commenced or completed their journey of building an infrastructure for rolling out 5G networks. However, there are some lesser developed nations that are still trying to strong-arm their 3G and 4G networks for their population. In this regard, West Africa’s telecom Operator, Orange Bissau, has unveiled its plans to modernise its mobile access network and expand its rural coverage to more than 1,000 new villages in Guinea Bissau.

The operator has announced the launch of a programme that will help complete the modernisation of the existing 3G and 4G network of Orange Bissau. As many as 150 antennas will be deployed that would be best suited for the local environment. The additional antenna will work to extend the 2G and 3G network coverage to new villages of the country that were devoid of networks.

Orange Bissau’s Plans for the Country

Orange Bissau’s programme for modernisation and expansion is backed by an investment of 13.4 billion FCFA which is around $24.9 million. The investment will be used towards installing 150 antennas around the country to open up and make an additional 1,000 villages in all regions of Guinea Bissau serviceable by Orange Bissau. Orange Bissau has revealed that its first antenna has been recently inaugurated in Bijimita village in the capital city of Quinhamel in West Africa.

With this newly launched modernisation and extension programme, Orange Bissau states that it aims to guarantee the availability of the latest generation - 3G and 4G networks to the population of Guinea Bissau. The country has a population of about 2 million people, and the operator aims to extend its services to the rural parts of the country as well. Orange Bissau said that it would continue its efforts on providing national coverage to the citizens of Guinea Bissau. They will stay committed to modernising their network and contributing to the country’s digital transformation.

More on Orange Bissau’s Parent Company

Orange being the parent company of Orange Bissau, has a presence in 18 countries around Africa and the Middle East. As of March 31, It has a customer base of 130 million customers spread across these regions. In 2020, Orange generated €5.8 billion or $7.1 billion in turnover, making Orange MEA the group’s main growth region.

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