Oppo Announces AR Glass 2021 and 2 Other Concept Products at INNO Day 2020

Oppo has announced three new products at the Oppo INNO Day 2020 including the much awaited Oppo AR Glass 2021

By November 17th, 2020 AT 4:45 PM


Oppo, a Chinese consumer electronics company today announced three new concept products at the INNO Day 2020. This is the second Oppo INNO Day held in consecutive years successfully. Oppo’s AR Glass 2021 is one of the most exciting products announced today. Alongside the three products, Oppo also announced the 3+N+X technology development strategy where ‘3’ refers to the – hardware, software, and services technologies, ’N’ refers to the Oppo’s essential capabilities including security and privacy, AI, and more and lastly, the ‘X’ refers to the innovation and differentiated technologies of the company such as flash charge. More details on the story ahead.

Oppo AR Glass 2021, Rolling Phone, and CybeReal AR Application

Starting with the Oppo AR Glass 2021, its core components will include Birdbath optical solution to improve the immersive experience for the user. The concept glass will feature a ToF sensor, RGB camera, and stereo fisheye camera. It can support various natural interactions and also complete a three-dimensional spatial localisation in milliseconds. This technology will offer users a more real and natural experience of spatial interaction in the AR world with feedback on the real-time position of the people.

The second concept product announced by Oppo is the rollable phone. It will come with a more flexible than usual display and structural stacking to provide the users with a more interactive experience. The size of the phone could be as small as 6.4-inch and can be increased to 7.4-inches whenever the user wants. The rollable phone will come with three proprietary technologies of Oppo including the 2-in-1 plate, Roll Motor powertrain, and Warp Track high-strength screen laminate.

The third concept product announced is the CybeReal AR. It is an application powered by real-time spatial calculation tech which will allow very precise scene recognition and localisation. It is supported by the three core technologies of Oppo and it will have the capability of accurately restructuring the world in a smaller screen, centimetre to centimetre. Oppo said that this technology will allow users to understand the real world in a better way.

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