OnePlus TV Listing Reveals Four Premium Models, and Unique Android TV Experience

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OnePlus had already announced the plans of entering the TV market last year in September. But, after that, there were no words exchanged with the public by OnePlus regarding the launch of its TV line-up. However, now it seems that OnePlus TV is really in the making and is also showing up on certification websites. All we know about the OnePlus TV from the official sources is that it would be some kind of a premium offering. Now, the pricing specifications and other details are not available right but as per the folks at MySmartPrice who spotted the TV on Bluetooth SIG website, there will be multiple sizes to the TV line-up.


OnePlus TV to Come in Four Sizes

Going by the Bluetooth SIG listing, there are going to the four sizes to the OnePlus TV, and it would, of course, come enabled with the Android TV platform. The four-screen sizes in which OnePlus TV would debut includes 43-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch. Also, the model numbers which the Bluetooth SIG listings reveal hint that OnePlus will likely launch its TVs in the Asian markets first. It can also be said that the focus in the initial launch days of launch will be on the Indian and Chinese market.

As per the report by AndroidCentral, while the 43-inch model will be sold in India, the bigger 75-inch model will go on sale in China. The 75-inch model of the OnePlus Android TV won’t be the “big” model from the company. There are also going to be 55-inch and 65-inch models. When it comes to additional information about the OnePlus TV, the Bluetooth SIG website has noted that these come with "unique Android TV" experience, so it is entirely possible that OnePlus will ship these TVs with a hint of their own touch just like they do it with OxygenOS over stock Android, except these changes will be on Android TV.

OnePlus TVs to be a Premium Offering

The thing to note here is that currently Google does not offer ways to manufacturers to tweak the Android TV software, so it is not clear at the moment as to how OnePlus aims to change the experience and what it would do to make the UX on OnePlus TV “unique”. The only company that actually can change around things with Android TV are operators, but it is unlikely that OnePlus might qualify as one.

On the Bluetooth SIG platform, we also come to know that the OnePlus TVs would come with Bluetooth 5.0 support apart from the info about four screen sizes and Android TV. Since OnePlus has already shared plans about making its TV line-up premium we can be sure that the OnePlus TVs would 4K panels, HDR support, and maybe even a few AI features.

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