OnePlus Does Not Show Ads Because It Believes in Making Good Products: CEO

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If we are to name one of the best operating system skins present right now in the market for Android smartphones, then OnePlus phones would rank somewhere on the top. The OxygenOS which comes with OnePlus smartphones is one of the most liked custom UIs right now. There are plenty of reasons in favour of OnePlus’ OxygenOS. Firstly, there are the little customisations, the features that come with OnePlus phones that make OxygenOS such a revered operating system for mobile phones. However, it is the absence of ads as well, which gives OxygenOS the huge credibility and edge over the other operating systems in the market out there. While other OEMs like Xiaomi have opted to show ads on their mobile phones, which gets them extra revenue from the advertisers, OnePlus is one manufacturer which has refrained from doing so. In a new byte, OnePlus CEO, Pete Lau has revealed why OnePlus has decided to stay away from advertisements. On this front, Pete Lau said, “If an addition doesn’t add anything to the user experience, then the company won’t add it to the device.”


Why OnePlus Does Not Do Ads

The OnePlus CEO added, “I have no ads, but I can make money by selling my devices a little more expensive.” He also shared the thought that although ads bring in more money for the OEM, but if the product is well made, then it will bring in money organically as well. However, there is also the fact that over time, OnePlus smartphones have grown in prices and with every iteration of the OnePlus series, the prices have only gone up. This has been especially true for the latest OnePlus 7 series, where the OEM also launched a more premium “Pro” version of the smartphone. On this note, Pete Lau said that the focus of OnePlus is not on making cheap smartphones, but the goal of the company is to make value for money phones.

OnePlus TV to Launch in Other Countries

Pete Lau also talked about how the company will launch OnePlus TV in other geographies as well. Currently, the latest product from OnePlus, which is the OnePlus TV has only launched in India. There were rumours that OnePlus might soon launch the TV in other countries as well and confirming some of this, the CEO said that it would be launching the TV sometime next year in China. Also, the rumours have indicated that OnePlus is currently in the process of partnering up with content providers in various countries like North America and Europe so that they can launch the TV in these regions with the proper content partnerships.

OnePlus 8 Rumoured Features

The next phone from OnePlus is set to be the OnePlus 8 which is likely to launch next year in the first half similar to the previous OnePlus summer launches. For the first time, OnePlus will be launching as many as three models of the same phone which would include OnePlus 8, OnePlus 8 Pro and the OnePlus 8 Lite as well. This next phone from OnePlus, which is going to be the successor to OnePlus 7T will come with a punch-hole style display, and it will also consist of multiple camera sensors. Under the hood, the OnePlus 8 series is rumoured to come with the Snapdragon 865 SoC, and there are expected to be multiple camera improvements as well on the phone. It is likely that the OnePlus 8 could also come with 5G connectivity. One of the highlights of the phone would be the 120Hz refresh rate display.

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