Obi Mobiles, backed by former Apple Inc. CEO launched in India

By April 18th, 2014 AT 12:42 AM

Yet another smartphone brand has launched in India today. Obi Mobiles, backed by former Apple Inc. CEO John Sculley, plans to sell Android smartphones in the price range of Rs 5,000 to Rs 8,000 in India. They are planning to sell a million handsets within next five months and turn profitable. According to analysts, around 15 – 18 million smartphones will be sold in India in a price range of Rs 5,000 to Rs 8,000.

Obi Mobiles
Obi Mobiles

Obi Mobiles plan to exploit the lack of good smartphones in the entry-level price range. Motorola did the same with the launch of Moto G and managed to make an explosive come back in the Indian market which they opted out of 2 years ago. Although, the road to success won’t be a cakewalk for Obi Mobiles. They not only have to deal with cash rich well-known international brands like Samsung, Sony and LG, but also Chinese brands like Gionee, Lenovo and Huawei.

To succeed they will have to expand their reach in the online as well as offline market as well as marketing efforts. Luring distributors in India to sell smartphones from a new brand is quite a hassle and so is making people familiar to a new brand. Obi Mobiles is working with InflexionPoint as their nation wide distribution agency in India. The company has appointed Ajay Sharma to head the company who has previous experiences from HTC and Micromax.

There are no specific details available about the actual smartphones that Obi Mobiles is launching. However, if they manage to provide good on-paper specifications along with good performance, it can achieve its target of making a dent in the Indian smartphone industry.


Computer science engineer turned technology blogger. Following consumer electronics industry closely from 2006, he can now predict pretty much where the market is heading. He has a dream to own Android, Windows Phone and iOS smartphones all at the same time.

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Ganesh Srinivasan

Interesting scenario developing – similar to IT companies of 1990s and 2000s. During those days top 10 IT companies used to clock 80% of revenues and over 600 small and medium IT companies used to share the remaining 20% of revenues. There used to be no differentiation between hundreds of companies – except cost Over a period of time the IT industry consolidated and today the minimum size of IT company to stay and survive is 150 people strength (unless one is in very niche product / service) My guess is something similar will happen in telecom as well –… Read more »


*Even I have heard about this manufacturer but I don’t have much hope from them. *The only way a less well known company like obi can make a dent in India is by providing a good smartphone at cheap prices. *Companies such as micromax already spend some amount of money on marketing and distribution and then price their products accordingly and already have wafer thin margins. *Now if obi mobiles really wants to make a dent in India they would need to have a strong distribution,strong marketing and even after sales support.By spending on all this obi mobiles will almost… Read more »

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