Lumia 530 alleged images surface

Nokia Lumia 520 is the most popular Windows Phone device globally and is the cheapest one too at around Rs 7,000 (We are not taking into account the likes of Micromax as they have just joined the party). It has been responsible for the majority of the Windows Phone 8 penetration and is all set to get itself a successor soon. The Lumia 630 has taken the charge for increasing Windows Phone 8.1 adoption and it will soon be joined in by the Lumia 530 to aid the efforts.

Lumia 530 front

Some of the alleged images and specs of the Lumia 530 have surfaced from China. It is rumoured to come with a 4.3 inch screen with on-screen navigation keys. The chipset under the hood will be Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 which we believe will come with a 1.2 GHz quad core CPU. It will be mated to a 512MB RAM. It will run on Windows Phone 8.1.

Lumia 530 rear

At the back will be a 5MP without a flash and it will come devoid of any front camera. Lumia 530 will be available in a wide array of colours like orange, green, yellow and so on. There’s no information about pricing and availability as of now but we believe the launch won’t be far enough either. Expect it to be priced around the Rs 7,500 mark as the Lumia 630 is single SIM guise is retailing around Rs 9,000.

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July 14, 2014 8:01 am 8:01 AM

512 MB ram is sufficient for WP,even now Subway Surfer is optimized for 512 MB ram of WP. I think you don’t know the uses of WP,it is exclusive ly for power & business users, not for 1st time Smart phone users/idiots.

July 12, 2014 2:03 pm 2:03 PM

Again 512 mb Ram and No Flash !! WTF !! -_-

July 14, 2014 11:01 am 11:01 AM

It’s not Android. 512 Mb is enough for almost all applications. We can open any no of windows without any problem. We can also open may tabs in IE. Windows XP machines can run on 256 Mb of RAM without any problem. Windows 8 is highly polished for performance. So 512 Mb is enough. If you need more RAM, just choose 630. It have 1 Gb RAM. Super charged for games. otherwise you never feel any improvement.