Nokia Indirectly Warns India About Telecom Equipment From China

The PLI scheme provides up to a 20 times incentive on additional sales of Indian-made telecom equipment. In the second iteration of the PLI scheme, the government has given extra incentives for designing products in India.

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5G deployment

In the upcoming years, 5G services will gradually extend across the entire nation. And with the backing of the government, India will roll out 5G at the quickest rate in the world and experience the greatest success of the next-generation telecom service, according to a top Nokia India official.

At a Foreign Correspondent Club event, Nokia India’s Head of Marketing and Corporate Affairs, Amit Marwah, expressed concern over “infiltration equipment” in the telecom sector from nearby nations without specifically mentioning China. He continued by saying that India already has a 5G-ready ecosystem, in contrast to other nations where the ecosystem needs to evolve. In India, 10% of smartphones are 5G capable. The fastest 5G deployment

, which will be at least three times faster than what we’ve seen with 4G, will take place in India.

Telecom Manufacturing Becoming Robust in India

Nokia was included in PLI 1.0, according to Marwah. Furthermore, it was the only company that achieved and exceeded its PLI 1.0 goal. As PLI 2.0 was more appealing, the corporation abandoned the earlier plan. They also dropped the one-year incentive. Since Nokia reapplied for PLI 2.0, it is now a part of PLI 2.0, which implies the business is increasing its investments, introducing additional lines, and expanding its product offerings.

The PLI scheme provides up to a 20 times incentive on additional sales of Indian-made telecom equipment. In the second iteration of the PLI scheme, the government has given extra incentives for designing products in India, according to a report by PTI. Marwah stated that manufacturing is doing very well in India, especially in the telecom sector.

CEO of the Telecom Sector Skill Council, Arvind Bali, estimated that over 25 lakh personnel in the telecom industry need to be retrained and upgraded over the next several years due to the transition from 4G to 5G. He continued by saying that the TSSC would need at least 100,000 technicians and engineers who have completed 5G-specific training in the coming years in order to meet the demands of the new jobs. With the assistance of the sector, the TSSC is establishing Centers of Excellence and training labs. A talented workforce will be needed for 5G, and TSSC is educating the next generation in cutting-edge technology.

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Published by
Bhavya Singh

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