Netplus Broadband Launches 100 Mbps FTTH Plan With 500GB FUP at Rs 1099

Netplus Broadband (also known as Net+), one of the leading Internet Service Provider in Punjab and Haryana regions has now rolled out new Net+ Super speed plans starting at 100 Mbps speed with more data than before. Netplus has wide-range of broadband plans and FTTH plans and the newly introduced plans fall under the FTTH plans category. Netplus is offering 100 Mbps connection at just Rs 699 per month, but the sad part is there’s a FUP limit with almost every broadband plan of Netplus. There are a couple of dedicated unlimited data plans, but the maximum speed of the plan offered by the company is 50 Mbps. Netplus has started offering two 100 Mbps broadband plans starting at a price of Rs 699.


The Rs 699 100 Mbps FTTH plan from Netplus offers 100GB of FUP per month whereas the Rs 1099 plan offers the same 100 Mbps connection with 500GB FUP. The Rs 699 plan gives an after FUP speed of 10 Mbps, while the Rs 1099 plan provides 20 Mbps after FUP speed. As stated, these plans are already live in Punjab and Haryana.

CEO Mr Prem Ojha said that “We are pleased to launch super speed more affordable plans on our FTTH platform. This will take the customer experience to a new high and at par with the best in the world. Speaking on the occasion Mr Ojha said that we want to highlight the exorbitant price at which mobile plans are being sold today & henceforth with the launch of 100Mbps speed at Rs 699 & special discounted offers like pay for 12 months & get 2 Months free being available for customers on Annual and Half yearly plans, We want to ensure that this experience reaches to all customer segments. We are committed to bring new technologies applications and offers for our customers and lead the broadband revolution in the region.”

Netplus claims that it offers 20 times higher speeds, four times more data at half of the price when compared to other broadband players in both Punjab and Haryana.

Alongside these plans, Netplus is also free two months connection for users who choose the plan for 12 months up front. Not only the 100 Mbps connection, Netplus is also providing up to 1 Gbps broadband speeds in the cities and is also the first ISP to do so. Netplus’ 200 Mbps broadband plan costs Rs 1599 per month and offers 500GB of FUP along with 50 Mbps after FUP speed.

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Jagmohan Rattan
April 24, 2018 10:56 pm 10:56 PM

I am using their 699 plan download speed is more than 100 mbps

mani dhiman
April 24, 2018 9:55 pm 9:55 PM

I am currently using 599 plan with 50mbps and 100gb fup.

April 24, 2018 9:47 pm 9:47 PM
I’m from Punjab and yes, they’re the most awesome BB provider in Punjab. Till today, we don’t have BSNL BB cable and earlier I use to BSNL Wimax plan of 925 Rupees (Including Tax) and that gave me 750Kbps speed, then later on I used 1099 BSNL 3G which gave 5Mbps speed and 10Gb/day and finally Netplus laid cables in my sector and fill forms for new connection and I opt for 825 Rupees plan (including taxes) and it gave 20Mbps speed for 200GB data and post FUP 5Mbps, but from last 3 months they upgraded speed to 50Mbps at… Read more »