NEC Corporation 5G xHaul Transformation Services Launched

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NEC 5G xHaul Transformation Services

NEC Corporation has launched 5G xHaul transformation services with the opening of 5G transport network Centres of Excellence (CoE) in Europe and Middle East Africa and the Latin America region. The new offering by NEC Corporation has been launched with the idealogy of foreseeing inflated demand to enhance network operators for the diversified used cases of 5G. Also, to unlock the full power of the next-generation network, the transformation of xHaul networks is the foundational basis and crucial for Communication Service Providers (CSPs). Not only this but the transformation is required in all domains of the network ranging from core to radio access and the edge.

NEC Professional Services are Based on Award-Winning Partnerships

Since every CSP has a unique and diverse architecture and requirements that need specific strategies, NEC has launched dynamic services that are based on a bubble of award-winning partnerships, customised services and unique offerings that would blend with the business requirements of CSPs. From the stage of analysation to planning and deployment operations, the professional services of NEC will support the full lifecycle of CSPs networks. Apart from optimisation of total cost operations, the services of NEC also includes validation and pre-integration of a multi-vendor environment. With the course of services, NEC strives for a seamless transformation for xHaul, which will enable the operators to accommodate dynamic network performance demands in the 5G ecosystem.

NEC Serves as a Premier Network Integrator

The newly established Centre of Excellence (CoE) will hold prime importance in this xHaul transformation services by centralising the domain expertise structured on decades of experience and engagement in the transport network, globally and regionally. Apart from developing the 5G xHaul transformation services, NEC has also established a universal lab facility to aid the CoEs in preparing a customer-centric ecosystem and support solution deployment. Mayuko Tatewaki, who is the General Manager Service Provider Solutions Division, NEC Corporation, stated that NEC serves as a premier network integrator to provide customised services that blend with the unique requirement of customers. He also stated that the launch of 5G xHaul transformation services and CoEs would accelerate the deployment of services offering to help CSPs improve their networks.

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