MTNL Mumbai Website Gets Hacked Again

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The website of state run telecom operator has been hacked again by a hacking group that claims to be from Pakistan . The homepage shows ‘Hacked by Mr.Creepy’ along with the lines such as ‘Happy Independence Day Pakistan’.


Earlier in June this year too, MTNL website got hacked by an anonymous hacking group that claimed that they have hacked the website in protest against alleged censorship content on the Internet. As a result, the company had to shut down the access to its web page for six hours.

It was first reported to us by Surendra Shete at 11:35 PM and by Esmail Baghua. This is not the first time a Govt. run operators site is getting hacked, earlier BSNL Website got hacked and we hope government organisations would now take some strict measures to fix loopholes in its portal.

Update: MTNL Website was hacked on August 14th.


Update (02:00 am) As per the Facebook page of hacker, the hack took place on 14th August. It's been more than 2 days and MTNL is yet to fix the issue. ( Thanks to Athul Jayaram for the tip)

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