The Iconic Motorola RAZR Foldable Phone Might Make a Massive Comeback

Motorola’s prodigy, nostalgic RAZR was a widely loved phone of its era. The sharp design, minimalist colours and a revolutionary form factor were the driving force of its immense success back then. Building further on the previous breakthrough and possibly taking inspiration from their past success of the RAZR, Motorola might really be planning to revive the RAZR, but of course, this news has to be taken with a pinch of salt.


Motorola might be working its way on the lines of Nokia when they re-launched their iconic 3310 and made a smooth comeback with the changed form factor and better design for their brain-child. HMD Global later decided to further the plans with the latest Nokia 8810 at MWC 2018 this week.

Although like we said this news has to be taken with a pinch of salt since there have been no official confirmations about the rumour. But sources like TechRadar have dropped hints that Lenovo, the current owner of the brand might make a nostalgic decision on their part thus confirming the rumours.

When asked about the possible comeback of RAZR Brand, Lenovo’s CEO Yang Yuanqing said “With the new technology, particularly foldable screens, I think you will see more and more innovation on our smartphone design, So hopefully what you just described [the Motorola Razr brand] will be developed or realised very soon.”

However, it will be right to say that in today’s design world where companies are aspiring to reach near 100% screen to body ratio, will this old form factor be able to crack the market? Also, Motorola is bound to face design and engineering troubles regarding the thickness of the RAZR, will it be able to compete with its successors and replicate its success yet again, beating the cut-throat design competition in the mobile world right now? ?Right now we can only hope that this impending question be answered as soon as possible by CEO Yang Yuanqing.

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