Your Monthly Spending For Mobile Recharge and Our Suggestions/Analysis

By January 16th, 2012 AT 11:41 AM

Your Monthly Spending for Mobile Recharge and Our Suggestions/AnalysisLast week we conducted a Poll to know what is the average user of a mobile user, Poll saw a good response and thank you very much for all the Readers participating in the Poll.

The poll interestedly has given lot’s of Ideas and analysis to look upon, we found that 80% of the user have multiple Sims with different benefits availed. 56% of user has a Usage less than Rs 300/month.

28% of the users range between Rs 300- Rs 600 per month. Only 15% of the user spends above 600/ month.

But interestingly 70% of our mobile users activate the rate cutter to reduce the call rate.Most of the users spend a lot on the per min plans, where in most customer end up in paying more in the per min pulse plan than in per sec plan.

If your usage is less than 150/month, always opt for the per sec pulse plans only as 40% of the calls will be only Short calls.

If your usage is > Rs 150 and <300, then opt for the rate cutter which has longer validity of 90 days. If the usage is > 300 to 600 then always opt for the Full Talktime with the Combo benefits and avail long term validity plans.

Few suggestions for the user why the per sec pulse is still the best:

Most of the operator can provide the most least @ .30ps/min benefit as the lowest call charges to its customer. Since now the different STV’s are available in the respective operators always chose the plans according to the usage like if your usage is only local.

Opt for the STV which provide the most cheapest per sec pulse STV as its more beneficial.

But if your STD usage is high then opt only for the ST which provides only the STD benefits. Ex if your current STD tariff is Rs 30ps/min and you have made a call for 78 secs but you pay for the two mins calls @ .60ps.

But if a per sec pulse then you end up in paying only .39ps for the 78 sec call. Which is a saving of .22ps/call. If  you chose your tariff wisely you can still save a lot on your monthly usage.

If you have any suggestions for heavy or moderate users to attain maximum benefits do let us know via comments or do you have any tips which help customers to reduce the money they are spending on mobile recharges do share the same so that fellow readers would benefited.

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