8Mobile users across the country would soon see new mobile numbers, maybe as early as end of August 2009. While earlier reports indicated that all mobile users would be converted to a 11-digit numbering scheme (11 DIGIT MOBILE NUMBERS FROM 2010) latest updates indicate that 10-digit numbers would continue for more years to come.

While the DOT has almost exhausted its supply of available number series –

all levels from 90 / 91 / 95 / 96 / 97 / 98 / 99 have been allotted to various operators (and levels 92 / 93 / 94 reserved for Tata Indicom / Reliance Mobile / BSNL respectively) the new level “8” would ensure that there are plentty of new numbering options available, with the existing 10-digit numbering framework. In short, the number “8” would be introduced which would exist along with today’s mobile numbers starting with “9”.

Upcoming new “8” level codes:

Code Operator Circle
8000 Reliance GSM Gujarat
8001 Vodafone West Bengal
8002 Airtel Bihar
8003 Airtel Rajasthan
8004 BSNL Uttar Pradesh (E)
8005 BSNL Uttar Pradesh (E)
8006 Vodafone Uttar Pradesh (W)
8007 Vodafone Maharashtra – Goa
8008 Airtel Andhra Pradesh
8009 Airtel Uttar Pradesh (E)
8010 Reliance GSM Delhi
8011 Airtel Assam
8012 Aircel Tamil Nadu
8013 Aircel Kolkata
8014 Aircel North East
8015 Tata DoCoMo Tamil Nadu
8016 Airtel West Bengal
8017 Vodafone Kolkata
8018 Airtel Orissa
8019 Tata DoCoMo Andhra Pradesh
8050 Tata DoCoMo Karnataka

To share an example: the old numbers 9xxxx-xxxxx would exist as well as new numbers 8xxxx-xxxxx. What does it entail? Well for starters those in search of VIP numbers can look forward to lots of new possibilities … Good news for telecom companies too as they can look forward to additional revenues in the form of “Premium Number” charges for VIP numbers!

Stay tuned to Telecom Talk for more updates.

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November 13, 2009 7:11 pm 7:11 PM

how do dial a karnataka airtel no starting with 8.
i am dialing from maharashtra landline no, it says number does not exist.
Please let me know the format of dialing the airtel no. starting with 8