40% mobile apps not safe for handling data: Indusface survey

sony-xperia-dual-appsmoreAs much as 40% of mobile application vulnerabilities detected are related to unsafe handling of data, according to a Indusface survey. The company has recently conducted a survey on the ‘State of Mobile Application Security in India’ across a set of enterprises.

“While sectors like BFSI and E-commerce that conduct a large part of their business over mobile and web are already taking proactive measures to protect their data transactions, others that are becoming more mobile-enabled also need to focus more on mobile app security,” suggests the study.

The Indusface Research Team conducted an in-depth testing around the Top 10 mobile vulnerabilities listed by OWASP and found that 23% of mobile apps suffered from insecure data storage vulnerability, 17% of mobile apps were suffering from unintended data leakage vulnerability and 10% suffered from weak server side controls.

The team tested more than 100 mobile applications across a set of Indian companies and detected 21K vulnerabilities. This shows that enterprise mobile apps are extremely vulnerable to data leaks, stated the report.

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November 5, 2014 11:33 pm 11:33 PM
i am using a rooted Micromax phone. i recently installed uc browser 10.0 on my phone. now as my phone is rooted and i have greenify no app can run in background without my permission as they are hibernated. but the problem is as soon as i switch on data connection uc browser 10.0 start to run in background even if i hibernated it after few second it again stat running but the previous uc browser 9.8 didn’t behave like this. so all i want to say that use all Chinese made phones like xiomi and apps like uc browser… Read more »