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Mobile Apps Common Man and IndiaRaise your hands how many of you use Apps on Mobile?

Remember the days of Trin Trin ringing sound, getting a landline connection was always a big deal, booking for it, waiting for infinite time to have a phone, paying for heavy tariffs for calls. As the days passed you got something called “Mobile”.

A device which you can carry anywhere u want, use it however u want.You said WoW! You noticed only some set of people owning the mobile phones and in some days mobile phones were reachable to anyone’s budget.

Having a basic Phone was just easy as anything.Mobiles started becoming something very necessary not only calls, you learnt the Art of messaging.You went crazy when you received first reply to your SMS.

Those were the days, you were called the “Geek” just because someone noticed you that you use Phone extensively for messaging.Phone was basically invented for voice calls but we all started using it for different purposes, apart from sending and receiving SMS operators started promoting various VAS services.Caller Tunes were a Big Hit (How many of you get Spam Calls Promoting Caller Tunes?).

Now we are in the era of exchanging data, where you bring all your web activities(Email, Facebook, Twitter whatever) on Mobile social networking ruling everywhere.

Now anyone who uses Facebook, Twitter or any Mobile Apps extensively is called a “Geek” huh?

Let’s talk something present Aircel, one of the Players in Telecom now starts a Campaign to Promote “Pocket Apps” Here is a TV Commercial brought to you by Aircel.

The ad Starts with a ‘Common Man (with Mobile)’ visiting mumbai catches a Taxi to reach his Aunt’s Place.The Taxi Driver wonders when he notices our ‘Common Man’ using maps application to locate the Place.As our Hero enters the place, he will be greeted with a wonderful message “Did you get Job?” Our ‘Common Man’ use his UnCommon Aircel Application to get a Notification that ‘Job is Confirmed’ and says “Ji Milgayi :)” .

Our ‘Common Man’ impresses his Uncle when he Shows a Gujarathi NewsPaper application on Mobile.(Uncle likes reading Gujarathi Paper)  Our ‘Common Man’ seemed to be like a BIG TIME geek, he carries his wonderful mobile fully loaded with Apps to a Party.

When everyone are Partying this Man ‘Impresses a Girl’ just by showing a Pocket Application which shows how he looks when he is old (huh Brilliant) . The Impressed Girl asks for a Kulfi and again our Common Man uses some Mobile Application to locate the Store where Kulfi is sold.

The Ad Fully exaggerates on how Mobile Apps can be used effectively 🙂

What do you think of the above TV ad by Aircel (Our Review was bit Sarcastic). Let it be any Service Provider, TelecomTalk would like to Know from you, your Opinion on having Mobile Apps on Phone whether you think Mobile Apps would Rule in Coming Days. If Yes, What kind of apps would you expect??

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