Microsoft working with WhatsApp to fix a bug in the popular IM app

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WhatsApp was recently delisted from the Windows Phone Store following a bug. The exact nature of the bug was not revealed. WhatsApp reported that they were working with Microsoft to resolve the bug. Now, Joe Belfiore, VP of Windows Phone development team has revealed on Twitter that they are indeed working with WhatsApp team to resolve the issue. The following tweet also revealed that the bug was related to notifications. As per the information in the tweet, it looks like the notifications system used in the Windows Phone 8.1 is different from that of the notifications system in Windows Phone 8, so the issue with WhatsApp.



The app has been available from the past 3-4 days. I am currently using the newly released Nokia Lumia 630 and have not been able to install WhatsApp which is a major let down. I hope that the bug gets resolved soon and WhatsApp gets back on Windows Phone Store soon. letting new users able to install it. WhatsApp and Microsoft should further make sure that they don't leave users in such an issue moving forward.

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