Microsoft to bring free internet to India, How it works ?

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Internet-Shutdown-IndiaMicrosoft has just announced that it intends to bring Internet connectivity throughout the nation without any cost. The tech giant has proposed to bring the “white space” spectrum or the unused spectrum between two TV channels into use to do so. What this would do is make Internet connectivity available to masses in an economically feasible manner.

How Microsoft's Free Internet in India will Works:

Wi-Fi can reach up to 100 metres so a router is required every 100 metres but in this case, the 200-300 MHz spectrum in the white space has a reach of up to 10 kms. It is currently owned by Doordarshan and is not in use.

What this does is that it takes care of the issue of lack of digital infrastructure in the country. As per Bhaskar Pramanik, Microsoft India’s chief, the initiative will focus on bringing internet to the masses in an economical manner. It will not only help Microsoft, but also the manufacturers of routers and technology service providers. The company wants to pilot the same in two districts to start-off with.

The entire project would cost $1.2 billion and will connect 250,000 gram panchayats. Facebook has also shown interest in the same and has offered its support. The initiative has kicked off at a time when PM Narendra Modi wants to connect the whole nation digitally and the move from Microsoft will surely aid the cause.

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