Malta’s GO Selects Nokia’s AVA Charging SaaS Solution, Transitioning From SurePay

Malta's leading communications provider, GO, collaborates with Nokia to adopt the AVA Charging Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, aiming to expedite the introduction of 5G and IoT offerings.


  • GO partners with Nokia to implement the AVA Charging Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution.
  • Transitioning from SurePay, GO embraces the subscription-based AVA Charging SaaS model.
  • AVA Charging SaaS offers benefits such as cost reductions and faster service commercialization.

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Malta's GO Selects Nokia's AVA Charging SaaS Solution to Accelerate 5G and IoT Offerings

Malta's GO has announced its collaboration with Nokia to adopt Nokia's AVA Charging Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. According to the official release, this decision aims to expedite the time to market for new 5G and IoT offerings, further strengthening the partnership between the two companies.

Transition from SurePay to AVA Charging SaaS

As an existing Nokia 5G RAN partner, GO will transition from Nokia's SurePay solution to AVA Charging SaaS. This transition allows GO to leverage software consumed on demand through a subscription model, enabling rapid customer adoption and usage by streamlining software installation and configuration. Nokia says the deployment of the AVA Charging SaaS solution is already in progress.

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Benefits of AVA Charging SaaS

By embracing the SaaS delivery model, GO anticipates significant cost reductions while accelerating the introduction of 5G and IoT services to the market. Nokia says the AVA Charging SaaS solution offers advanced capabilities, including no-code configuration, TM Forum open APIs, and seamless network integrations, enabling GO to swiftly commercialize new services and maintain operational flexibility.

According to the official release, the AVA Charging SaaS solution from Nokia incorporates valuable insights derived from numerous customer engagements, empowering GO to expedite the monetization of new services through automation and no-code charging configurability.

This solution extends to consumer services such as cloud gaming, as well as enterprise services catering to vertical markets such as utilities, logistics, and healthcare.

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Focus on Enhanced 5G Experiences

GO expressed excitement regarding the integration of Nokia's AVA SaaS-based no-code charging solution.

"As GO continues its journey into 5G with Nokia, which is expected to provide nationwide coverage by year-end, the AVA Charging SaaS solution is set to transform charging systems for 5G. This transformation will enhance GO's ability to accelerate monetization efforts and deliver innovative products and services, ultimately adding greater value to customers."

Nokia emphasized the importance of the expanded collaboration with GO. The partnership will focus on enhancing network performance, leveraging new monetization opportunities, and delivering superior 5G experiences to GO subscribers in a cost-effective manner.

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