Lava International Exec Reveals Plans to Launch 5G Handset Under Rs 20k

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Smartphone companies have recently started focusing on 5G smartphones, despite the proper rollout of 5G in India being unknown as of now.

That being said, be it Samsung, Apple or budget brands, all brands are prepping for 5G handsets and, it seems that another budget player is getting ready to join this crowd.

Lava International's senior company official on Wednesday revealed that it was planning to showcase its first 5G handset, which will be priced under Rs 20,000. The intended showcase period is during Diwali, which is just a couple of months away.

Lava International to Launch 5G Phone Under Rs 20k By Diwali

Lava's International President and Business Head Sunil Raina told PTI that the company was looking at up to 20% share in the mobile accessories segment in the next 2-3 years.

He stated that Lava is focused on the USD 200 or Rs 15,000 segment as a company when it comes to smartphones. In the segment, the base offering is 4G, which is already being done by the company and then the company as a whole is also working on a 5G product.

Lava will also have 5G coming up definitely prior to Diwali or around Diwali, so 5G smartphones are also in the works, he added. For those of you wondering, Lava has both manufacturing and product design facilities on offer in the country. Raina mentioned that Lava is completing this proposed portfolio with the addition of accessories too.

This comes as no surprise, as, back in the month of May, the company had announced the lava Probuds that were developed via the use of Mediatek Airoha chips. Talking about this, Mr Sunil stated that Lava uses one of the best chipsets that the industry can offer, Mediatek Airoha. It is highly reliable and is one of the best chipsets that can be used in TWS products.

Further discussing the manufacturing process, he said that one of the cornerstones of Lava's initiative is of doing the entire manufacturing in-house and doing the entire design in-house.

The company's dependence on the Chinese ecosystem has now completely been reduced, and it is seeing a huge change in the quality and experience of all kinds of products that have been made. Raina also mentioned that there are only 3 or 4 active players in the mobile accessories segment and Lava too will be one of them.

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