Karnataka and Rajasthan reported highest number of MNP requests as of June 2014

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TRAI has come up with the data by the service providers that throw some light on the pattern of the MNP state wise and region wise. According to the data by end of June 2014 a total of 123.87 million subscribers have submitted their request for port out to different operators. This report however highlights the requests received and this will differ from the actual number of people who have ported from the network.

mnp graph

The service areas have been broadly classified as Zone 1(Northern& western India) and MNP Zone 2 (Southern and Eastern). In the Zone 1 maximum numbers of requests have been received in Rajasthan (14.03 million) circle trailed by neighboring Gujarat (nearly 10.51 million). In MNP Zone 2 the maximum requests came from Karnataka (14.03 million) over shadowing Andhra Pradesh which had nearly about 11.52 million requests.

Ever since MNP was introduced a couple of years back Customer retention has become one of the important aspect of the Telecom Business. The industry has witnessed that reason for MNPs are becoming more service related then tariff.

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