Trai Finalises New MNP Regime Date But Users Will Not be Able to Port for Six Days

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With such a competitive telecom industry, if there is one service that the telecom subscribers are bound to use a lot, it is the service of Mobile Number Portability (MNP). It is worth noting that Mobile Number Portability is one of the most popular service requests of the subscribers, which allows them to change their network operator without changing their number. This removes the hassle of switching your contact. However, up until now, the MNP process has been a quite tedious one involving long timelines. For examples, if presently you wanted to port your SIM from Reliance Jio to Bharti Airtel, you would have first to generate a Unique Porting Code (UPC) and then wait for a week’s worth of transition period for the entire process to be completed. But, the new rules on MNP from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) scrape these older timelines and set up a new faster, and breezy MNP process for the subscribers. Here is what the subscribers need to know about the new MNP process and the dates on which it is going to go live.


New MNP Regime Implementation

The first notable thing that the subscribers should note about the implementation of the new MNP regime is that the new rules will go live starting midnight of December 16, 2019. However, this also means that there would be a certain number of days before the implementation of the new MNP regime, during when the customers will not be able to port their SIM, and this is very crucial to note for them. Trai in its new release has also noted that MNP requests which are submitted before December 9, 5:59 PM will be completed within the stipulated time and the UPC will be generated normally as it they are done in the case of present MNP requests.

But, after this, the MNP service would not be available during December 10, to December 15, i.e. for a total of six days. During these six days, the subscribers will have to wait for the new MNP implementation, after which only they would be able to generate their UPC and proceed ahead with the MNP of their number. However, if the subscribers decide to wait through this period, they would experience a much better MNP process, instead of the long waiting that they would have to do if they do the MNP right now.

Benefits of New MNP Process

Coming to the benefits of the new MNP process, Trai has noted in its release, that the “Individual porting requests of Intra-Licensed Service Area (Intra-LSA) nature will be completed in 3 working days; whereas the porting requests of Inter-License Service Area (Inter-LSA) nature and all porting requests under corporate category (including Intra-LSA and Inter-LSA) will be completed in 5 working days.” This basically means that porting your SIM in the same circle would happen in three working days maximum and porting between two different circles would take up to 5 days.

Telecom Operators to Increase Awareness

To recall, in the last few weeks, Trai has already pushed the implementation deadline of the new Trai MNP regime by a couple of times. However, this was done because the technical systems of the telecom operators and MNP service providers were not ready then. But now that new MNP process is here, the telecom operators will make the people aware using their websites, call centres, point of sales and their social media platforms such as Facebook page, and Twitter handle etc.

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