Trai MNP New Rules Right Around the Corner, Porting On Hold Till December 15

The new MNP rules go live on December 16, but before that the subscribers will have to go through a transition period where no porting will be allowed

By December 9th, 2019 AT 6:02 PM
  • The porting will stop today 6 PM
  • The transition period will last till December 15, 2019
  • The new MNP rules will streamline the process

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) is responsible for bringing some radical changes in the telecom and DTH industry in India this year. While some of these radical changes have not been liked by the subscribers in the industry, still there are some other changes which the subscribers have appreciated. Another such area which has deserved change since a long time is the process of Mobile Number Portability (MNP). For an industry which is changing very fast, day after day, the MNP process has been a snail-pace one. Until now, the MNP process has taken weeks or even more days thus putting subscribers through a lot of hassle, whenever they try to port from one operator to another. But, with the new Trai rules around MNP, the hassle of the subscribers will definitely be reduced. However, before this change is brought forth in the telecom industry, the subscribers will have to go through a waiting period which will be live starting today 6:00 PM. Here is all that you need to know about the new MNP rules and more importantly, the transition period before the implementation of the new MNP rules.


MNP New Regulations: Transition Period

The first thing that the subscribers wishing to port their number should understand is that starting today evening 6:00 PM, the subscribers will not be able to port their SIM until a few days. The customers who have lodged a porting request before 6 PM today will be able to receive their Unique Porting Code (UPC) which is required to port from one operator to another. But, after this time, whoever lodges a porting request, the subscriber will not be able to receive any UPC for their number. This transition period will last from today 6 PM to December 15, 2019. In these six days, Trai has put a hold on all kinds of porting from one operator to another operator, or between two circles.

The reason for this hold is that the MNP service providers and the systems at work which facilitate porting in the backend are being updated and tuned to the new rules. When the porting resumes back on December 16, then the subscribers will be able to enjoy the new porting regulations which significantly cut down waiting time period on both inter circle and intra circle porting. However, for faster porting, the customers will have to hold on to their old operator until December 16.

Trai Finally Implements New MNP Regime

To recall, up until now, Trai has postponed the transition to the new MNP regime a couple of times already. This is because Trai had noted that a thorough testing process was going on in the backend to make sure that the MNP service providers and the systems of the telecom operators were in the proper place before the new MNP regime was brought into effect.

Positives of the New MNP Regime

Talking about the positives of the new MNP tariff regime, Trai has noted that the new rules cut short the timeline of the MNP process by a significant margin. Previously the intra circle porting between different telecom operators which used to take more than 7 days will now happen in only two days including generation of the unique porting code. As for the inter circle portability which happens between two different circles, Trai has noted that it would take the subscribers five days to port between two circles. Overall, the subscribers porting their number will enjoy significant streamlined service as compared to before.

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