Jio Might Use Samsung’s Latest 5G Radio Solution for Mid-Band Spectrum

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Samsung has developed new generation 5G wideband radios that will be able to support the mid-band spectrum more efficiently. The new generation radios can support expanded bandwidth, including Massive MIMO radios.

Reliance Jio, the top telecom operator in India, stands a chance to benefit the most of out Samsung’s latest generation 5G radios for the mid-band spectrum.

The new radios will help the operators deploy 5G in a more cost-effective way. Samsung said that its new generation wideband radios could support bandwidth in the 400 MHz spectrum, which is double compared to the 200 MHz spectrum its current-generation commercial radios can support.

With the double bandwidth support, operators using Samsung’s new generation radios will be able to effectively utilise the mid-band spectrum for their 5G networks.

Samsung New Generation 5G Radios Will Help Operators Rollout Cost-Effective Networks

With the new generation 5G radios, operators will be able to efficiently manage the network in the mid-band spectrum efficiently using lesser hardware. The telcos will be required to use fewer radios in several deployment situations if they are using Samsung’s Massive MIMO radios.

Operators who are actively sharing their network infrastructure with other operators (RAN Sharing) can also utilise the latest 5G radio solution developed by Samsung. For the unaware, mid-band frequencies help telcos deliver better coverage, high internet speeds with less latency.

Samsung’s new 5G radio technology is all set to help telcos roll out their 5G networks faster and in an efficient manner. It will bring the overall cost of network deployment down since operators would be able to manage their network effectively and efficiently with lesser radios.

Samsung has announced that its new wideband radio solutions for 5G will be commercially available for the operators from 2022.

Reliance Jio purchased a lot of equipment from Samsung for its 4G network rollout across the country. Samsung might supply Jio with its latest 5G radio solution, which will help the telco in rolling out its next-generation connectivity network faster.

Jio has said that it will roll out homegrown 5G. In case Samsung is able to manufacture its equipment locally, it might be the best partner for Jio in helping it rollout 5G faster.

Mukesh Ambani has said that Reliance Jio will roll out its 5G network in the second half of 2021. Looking at the current scenario of the market, it feels highly unlikely that it will happen. However, the telco does have the option of using the dynamic spectrum sharing technology the way Airtel tested its 5G in Hyderabad.

Note that no official statement or confirmation from Jio on the matter has come yet. Based on the relationship that Samsung and Jio share, it can be assumed that they end up working together for rolling out 5G in India.

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