How to Invite Guests on Instagram Live Broadcast

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Instagram is one of the beloved social media apps that is widely used by different age groups for sharing photos and videos. The Facebook-owned app offers multiple features to elevate the app experience for users and give them a hassle-free experience. One intriguing feature which Instagram offers to its users is sending an invitation to followers to join the live broadcast. Instagram will give you the option to invite up to 3 participants to join your live room. If you do not know how to add guests to your live broadcast, read the article till the end for a detailed guide regarding the feature.

Steps to Send Invitation to Guests to Join Live Broadcast

If you want to invite any of your followers or special guests to your live broadcast, you will have to go live. Navigate to the ‘+’ sign and scroll to the live section. Once you start your live session, click on the video icon. After clicking, users will see the request button.

Click on the request button and tap 'send requests' to invite them to join your live broadcast. You will be able to send an invitation to 3 participants. You can also invite guests by typing their username in the search bar. Once the user will accept the invitation, they will appear in the live broadcast. However, if the guests cancel the invitation by mistake, you will have to resend the invitation and follow the steps again.

Steps to Join Live Broadcast on Instagram

You can also join someone’s live broadcast on Instagram. To send a request to join, tap on the down arrow, which is located next to the username at the top. Tap on the request to join option. If the user will accept the request, you will receive a notification that you are about to join the live room.

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