Instagram to Not Inform Users Whenever Their Publicly Posted Story is Screenshotted

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In February this year, Instagram had reportedly started testing out a new feature which informed the users whenever another Instagram user took a screenshot of their publicly posted story. Now a news has surfaced which tells us that Facebook, the holding company of Instagram has clarified that the testing of the feature has been stopped. The company also made it public that the feature will not be rolled out to the users, and the users won’t be informed whenever someone takes a screenshot of their stories which are posted publicly.


As per a BuzzFeed news article, Instagram has now issued an official statement saying that users won’t be informed whenever someone takes a screenshot of their stories. Unlike Snapchat, which sends users a push notification whenever a screenshot of their chat or uploaded photo is taken, Instagram did not push notifications to users during the testing phase of the feature. Instead in the viewer's column, the username of the user who grabbed a screenshot of the story used to come up with an icon denoting that he or she had screenshotted the story.

It should also be kept in mind that this new update concerns the stories uploaded publicly. Instagram still continues to show a small screenshot icon beside the photos which are sent on the Direct Message, whenever they are screenshotted.

Instagram has been experimenting with a lot of features lately. It has launched new features like reposts on Instagram Stories, the ability to buy products with just a click, a mute feature to personalise the feed etc. Most of the stuff is focused on propelling business on the platform.

Also, according to a report, Instagram is planning to announce a new video hub in an event scheduled to be held on June 20. This new video platform will bring long-form video content to the platform, much beyond the current 60-second cap. This new feature is being expected to be on the lines of what Snapchat Discover and YouTube offer.

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