India Sees Increase in Mean Download Speeds on Fixed Broadband During First Week of Lockdown

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Ookla on Monday said in a report that the mean download speeds on fixed broadband increased in India during the week of March 30. According to the internet testing, data and analytics company, the mean download speed increase was observed during the week of March 30 and April 5. It has to be noted that India went into the COVID-19 lockdown on the night of March 24, indicating that data observed by Ookla was during the first full week of lockdown. Further, the company said that the mobile download speed was relatively flat in India during the same period as compared to the prior week.

Fixed Broadband and Mobile Broadband Speeds Dips Globally

Ookla said that it continued to “see a degradation in monthly speeds for fixed broadband” across the globe with an average download speed of 74.64 Mbps in March. The company said that the mobile broadband recorded its first month of decreased speeds with an average download speed in March across the globe was at 30.47 Mbps.

Ookla said that several countries in Asia including China, India, Japan and Malaysia recorded an increase in mean download speeds during the week of March 30. Further, the mobile download speeds were also said to increase in several Asian countries including China, Japan and Malaysia during the same period.

Ookla said that United Arab Emirates grabbed the top spot in the mobile broadband category for the month of March with download speeds of 83.52 Mbps and 21.79 Mbps upload speed. South Korea with download speeds of 81.39 Mbps was a close second while Qatar grabbed the third spot with download speeds of 78.38 Mbps. Having climbed seven spots on the list, China with download speeds of 73.35 Mbps took the fourth spot. India with the download speeds of 10.15 Mbps  and 4.12 Mbps upload speed was placed at 118 and dropped two places on the charts.

In the fixed broadband category, Singapore took the top spot for the month of March with download speeds of 197.26 Mbps followed by Hong Kong and Romania. India was placed at 71 on the charts with the fixed broadband download speeds of 35.98 Mbps and 33.72 Mbps upload speeds.

India Registers Decrease in Test Volume on Fixed Broadband and Mobile

Ookla said that the percentage change in test volumes on fixed broadband decreased in several countries excluding China during the week of March 30 as compared to the previous 12 week average. Similarly, the company said that China and Malaysia had an increase in test volumes on mobile broadband as compared to the previous 12 week average with Japan and India registering an decrease. 

Globally, Speedtest volume during the week of March 30 on fixed broadband decreased to 47.6% when compared to the previous 12 week average.

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