Idea Cellular leads in addition of GSM subscribers in September 2015

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Subscription data released by GSM operator’s lobby, COAI, showed that Idea Cellular has recorded the highest number of new cellular subscriber lines with 2.64 million activations in the month of September 2015. The total subscriber base of all the seven GSM member operators reached 733.14 million by the end of the period.

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The GSM subscriber base stood at 726.10 million at the end of August 2015, which means that GSM operator’s totally added 7.04 million users in September. Idea Cellular lead the subscriber addition with 2.64 million new subscribers followed by Airtel, which added 2.23 million new customers. Vodafone was ranked third as they added 1.59 million users in its subscriber base during the period.

While other operators like Aircel, Telenor, and Videocon added few customers compared to the earlier month. These operators jointly added just 0.53 million users. Either they lost a lot of users or they have cleared unused numbers from their subscriber base, which resulted in low addition for subscribers of these operators.

We’ve made a chart which will help you to figure out how much subscribers they have managed to add in the month of September 2015 as compared to the earlier month.

Operator wise GSM subscriber’s addition data of September , 15
OperatorsSubscriber addition in September (in Million)Subscribers at end of September (in Million)Subscriber addition in August ( in Million)Subscribers at end of August (in Million)
Airtel2.23 235.21 1.31 232.98
Idea 2.64 166.56 1.17 163.58
AIRCEL0.20 84.000.4083.75
Telenor0.23 47.78 0.3947.55
Videocon0.09 7.900.097.81
MTNL0.013.51 0.023.51
All Total-7.04733.144.49726.10

Bharti Airtel remained as the top operator with 235.21 million subscribers, while Vodafone and Idea have 188.17 million and 166.56 million users respectively. This trio jointly has around 589.94 million users, which reflects consumer’s dependence on their networks.

On the other hand, Aircel crossed the 84 million subscriber mark. Telenor India has 47.78 million users in their six operational circles. Videocon has around 7.90 million users, while MTNL’s operations in Mumbai & Delhi have just 3.51 million GSM users.

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