Hyperbat Joins Ericsson and BT for 5G Digital Twin Technology

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The Coventry based company Hyperbat is eyeing on 5G technology to accelerate the manufacturing process for hybrid and electric vehicle production by developing ‘digital twins.’ The new technology can be manipulated and viewed using VR headsets. To give wings to the project, Hyperbat has partnered up with Ericsson, BT and NVIDIA to enable root teams to connect and interact with each other using a virtual 3D engineering model.

Hyperbat is Excited to Lay Foundation for Smart Factory Architecture

Hosein Torabmostaedi, who is an innovation manager at Hyperbat, stated that the company is proud to work with industry best partners to lay the foundations for smart factory architecture. Not only this, but the partnership will also pioneer solutions for efficient and collaborative manufacturing. He also stated that the solution would be targeted at a collaborative mobile workforce with the use of 5G native headsets and seamless integration of design and manufacturing systems with the upcoming digital twin technology. Hyperbat is also hunting down on opportunities to extend the solution to the use of 5G connectivity for machines for flexible production lines.

5G Digital Twin Technology to Benefit BT Customers

Jeremy Spencer, who is the 5G innovation senior manager at BT’s Enterprise unit, stated that 5G digital twin technology is a powerful call that indicates that 5G connectivity and edge compute is near the cliff and is delivering real business benefits to customers. He also stated that the blend of 5G connectivity with evolving tech has the power to produce incredible gains that will also boost the manufacturing sector of the U.K, which is still recovering from covid-19. Also, the blend will boost many other potential industries in the process.

Hyperbat Colleagues Will be Able to Manage Workflow Effectively

The Digital Twin technology will be the first 5G experience that will offer design and manufacturing teams to interact and walk around a 3D model in real-time. Also, the Hyperbat colleagues in different locations will be able to work with a 1:1 product scale hologram of the design on the factory floor and manage workflows effectively. As reported by 5Gradar, the 5G VR digital twin solution will be done by BT and Ericsson on a 5G mobile private network using the VR headset by Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 platform. The headset will run on the Masters of Pie Radical Platform.

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