5G: Ericsson Trials W-Band for Improving Backhaul Network Capacity

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Ericsson recently tested the W-band (92 GHz to 114 GHz) for checking how much it can help in improving the backhaul capacity of a network. The company conducted the trial by partnering up with Cosmote and Deutsche Telekom.

The test results proved that W-band frequencies are capable of handling multi-GB wireless backhaul capacity for 5G. At present, wireless backhaul utilises frequency bands in the range of 4 GHz to 80 GHz for supporting 5G.

Along with Radio Access Networks (RAN), even the transport networks require an upgrade to handle the increasing demand for telecom services. This makes a higher frequency band with broad channels for wireless backhaul all the more important.

Ericsson Said Speed of 10 Gbps Achieved

The companies used a W-band wireless hop spread over a 1.5 km range with telecom grade availability and equipment not yet available in the market. To demonstrate that the W-band will deliver the same long-term performance as the E-band (70/80 GHz), the W-band hop was placed parallel to a 1.5 km E-band hop.

Ericsson said that over a 1.5 km distance, a speed of 5.7 Gbps was achieved and a speed of 10 Gbps over a 1 km distance. This test proved that W-band can deliver the same performance as the E-band.

Deutsche Telekom Vice President for 5G solutions, Dr Konstantinos Chalkiotis, said that future-proof, high-capacity and cost-efficient wireless backhaul networks are important for handling high traffic demand and increased site locations.

The test has confirmed that W-band frequencies with wider channels can be leveraged to deliver a higher performance backhaul for the 5G customers. The company will soon bring the solutions into live networks in a cost-efficient manner.

This is not the first time Deutsche Telekom and Ericsson have partnered up. Both the companies have worked together in the past for developing a higher-performing wireless backhaul for the 5G to deliver a superior experience to the customer.

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