Huawei Might Help Chile Roll Out Commercial 5G Network in 2 Years

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Chile, a country in South America, is targeting to roll out a commercial 5G network soon but with strict security policies. If its plans are successful, it will get much ahead of its neighbouring nations in terms of technology very fast.

Use cases of 5G go well beyond what users can even comprehend with 4G. Thus operating a commercial 5G network in most parts of the country will enable Chile to advance into a bigger economy much quicker.

However, Chile will put a special focus on the security norms and regulations related to the 5G rollout — more details on the story ahead.

Chile to Allow Huawei and Other Chinese Firms in Helping With 5G

According to a Reuters report, Pamela Gidi, telecommunications undersecretary, said Chile is keeping its doors open for companies to help with the 5G rollout regardless of their nationality.

Until the companies are complying with the government's regulations, there would be no restrictions for them to be a part of the 5G rollout in the country.

The USA and China do not see eye to eye regarding cybersecurity, with the former nation accusing the latter of being ‘unsafe’ with data privacy and more.

Huawei, one of the Chinese firms accused by the US to be ‘unsafe’, has denied the claims every opportunity it has found.

Gidi said that every company in the world has the freedom to provide gear or help with the 5G rollout in Chile till the time they comply with all the legal liabilities.

WOM, a mobile service provider owned by Novator Partners based out of London, recently won the tender of setting up a commercial 5G network in Chile. The company might go to Huawei for helping with the 5G rollout in the country.

Based on the comments made by Gidi, it feels like Huawei might be able to provide gear and technology to WOM if it can meet all the regulations set by Chile.

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